Manga review: Sengoku Danshi Hana No Ran

Bilderesultat for Sengoku Danshi Hana no Ran cover

Chapters: 25
Volumes: 5
Status: completed
Genres: Historical, Romance, Shoujo
Author (story &art):  Momo Sumomo

StorySengoku Danshi Hana No Ran is about our protagonist Hana who has a rising star as a boyfriend and a grandfather that loves inventing stuff. Her life is quite complicated to begin with, but more trouble is to come when Hana runs into a burning building, trying to rescue her grandfather, and meets a man who seems to be a samurai from the past.  Continue reading

Sistar’s disbanded + summer songs to jam to

Long time no see my dear readers! How is the summer vacation going?

My first post after all this time has to, of course, be about Sistar’s disbandment. I am still not over it to this day.imageFor me, their disbandment came out of nowhere. I really like Sistar! They were a group with good dynamic, both off and on stage, good at dancing, singing, rapping, had no problem with Starship (as I know off) and had no scandals! I also really like their image; sexy, fun, bubbly with confident. They were our summer queens!

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Manga: Boku To Kanojo No Xxx

Boku to Kanojo no XXX

English: Your & My Secret
Synonyms: Your and My Secret, My Barbaric Girlfriend
Volumes: 8
Chapters: 69
Status: Completed
Published: Feb 2001 to Aug 12, 2011
Genres: Comedy, Romance, School, Shoujo, Slice of Life, Gender Bender
Authors (Story & Art): Morinaga Ai
The handsome, smart but dull and not manly Akira Uehara likes the beautiful and popular Nanako Momoi. However, Nanako Momoi is an obnoxious, violent and rude girl. What will happen to these two when they accidentally switch bodies?

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MeseMoa’s “Shadow Kiss”

I went to study at the library last week. I decided to take a break and casually scrolled through my facebook feed when I came over this (NB! Not for homophobic people):

Who would not be curious of a tittle like this? So I clicked play without knowing what to expect. Note; I was sitting in the computer corner and luckily there were nobody sitting behind me or beside me to the right, only a guy to the left (and he was busy watching a movie..) Let us just say that I was suuuper embarrassed and confused! (⊙︿⊙✿) ( Γ˚Д˚)Γ  I mean who would not?!

You are probably wondering what the song is called right? Check it down below:
NB! be prepared for 36 kisses between the members!!(⊙︿⊙✿)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) (Haha, sorry, I just had to add the last emoticon)

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Boon Hui Lu 文慧如’s cover of 漂向北方 Stranger In The North

It has been a while since I had a Cpop post. I came over this song last week and knew I had to share this with you guys! ^^

As the tittle says; the song I am going to share with you guys is actually a cover. I did not even know that until I was writing this post and recognized the name Leehom Wang (which is a man) and thought that something was fishy, since the singer here is a woman.

So here is the original song, with Chinese and English subb!! ヾ(@⌒▽⌒@)ノ

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Teen Top’s “Love is”

Bilderesultat for teen top high five

Teen top is back with their second studio album called “High Five”. The title track is “Love is”.

Click here for individual photos :3

I have not been paying attention to kpop in Mars and April, so I did not know that Teen Top were going to have a comeback, so I was pleasantly surprised when I saw a live performance of Love is by them.

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Manga review: “Haruyuki Bus” & kpop recommendation:”The Spring”(너란 봄) by Jeong Eun Ji(정은지) (Feat. Hareem(하림))

Hello my dear readers! Long time no see! How have you guys been?
I am finally back, and with a manga review and a kpop recommendation!╰(*´︶`*)╯ I have been thinking of “fusing” these two topics for a while now. I am only getting busier and busier and might not be able to write about every kpop song that comes out (and/or that I like) or every manga and anime I watch and read, so I have been thinking of putting them in one post. Of course, only if the theme is the same or they relate to each other. So after writing the review for Haruyuki Bus, I found This spring. Since their theme is about spring and love, why not put them in one post? Then if you want, you can listen to the song while reading the manga!(^▽^)

Haruyuki Bus  I came over Haruyuki Bus, when I was looking for a manga I could write about on my blog. This manga was one I wanted to read some months back, but at that time there were some problems with loading the pages (on the tablet), so I never got to read it. I came over this manga again last week and started reading it. Since this was in “history”, I could not see how many chapters it had, so I thought it was a short manga with 5 chapters or so. So I have to say I was pleasantly surprised every time I flipped over to a new chapter thinking “there is more?” (ノ≧ڡ≦) Teehee~!

Haruyuki Bus is written by Maki Usami and has 16 chapters that are spread through 4 volumes. The genre is drama, romance, school and shoujo.

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