XIA Junsu’s “Flower”

Two days ago XIA Junsu released a new song called flower.
I personally like the song! It is catchy and Tablo’s rap suits really well! 😀 Moreover, XIA has nice and strong vocals! However, like many kpop fans I do not understand korean. Therefore I do not understand what he is singing, making the MV somewhat confusing. His clothes does not really fall into taste, though he looks really good with blue hair! 😀 I think some of the dance moves suits well with the song, while others do not. For example the body roll. Do not misunderstand, he looks hawt doing it, but it feels somewhat misplaced and only for fan service. But there is one move I found hilarious! XD


XIA looks like he is attacking!  Haha! xD

What is your thoughts on both the song and MV? 🙂 You like it? Why, why not?


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