VIXX’s “Love Equation”

VIXX is (finally) back with their new song called “Love Equation”! 😀 It is actually a remake of the song “Farwell Formular” sung by R.ef 20 years ago! The song is about VIXX members getting over a breakup as well as portraying the “youth”.

When I first saw the video, it reminded me about their song G.R.8.U. Both of the videos have a setting with a room containing a sofa, and their dance is fun! 😀
I think they all did a great job, but Hongbin and Hyuk should have more lines! >3<
One thing I have noticed in kpop videos is that the idols tend to smile when they dance or when they are filmed close up, even though the song is about breakup :p If N had not been dumped and Ravi looked so sad, I would have never thought that the song was about breakup. The song is too happy and bubbly! And I have to ask, who would ever breakup with them?! O.o
Another thing I want to comment on is Leo’s shirt. I actually though it was a karate uniform!! XD Nevertheless, he still looks good! :3

Leo shirt

And can we just admire Hongbin in the picture? He looks so good with pink hairl!! :3

So what are your thoughts on the comback? 😀


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