The maknae of MR.MR is leaving the group!

Two days ago it was announced that Ryu from MR.MR is leaving the group. The agency, Winning Insight M, released an official statement on MR.MR’s fan cafe. (You can read it here.)

I found out about the news in a blog and as a miso, I became very sad, and I could not understand it. Why would Ryu, who actually gets the opportunity to sing in their songs (compare to other members) be the one leaving? The reason Ryu is leaving the group is actually because of physical assault, verbal assault, contractual issues, and member neglect! (You can read more about it here)

We readers, do not know if Ryu is exaggerating, but we do know that the CEO did hit him. And that is unacceptable! Hitting someone is never okay! I think it is the right decision that Ryu is leaving the group. I hope that the rest of MR.MR will do the same (if they are treated badly)! Rather than being selfish and wishing them to stay, we need to realize that this is an issue throughout the kpop industry and something needs to be done! They are humans too, just like you and me. And they definitely deserve a company who will respect them and their opinions!

I wanna apologize to Ryu for being so naive, and I really hope that he will continue singing! He as such a beautiful, calming and mellow voice. It would be such a shame if he gave up singing!

Stay strong Ryu, and remember misos are supporting you!


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