(Romcom) anime recomandation: Ouran High School Host Club

There have lately been a lot of kpop post, so I thought that today’s post will be about anime! Yay! \(^-^)/
I actually think that Ouran High School Host Club was the first anime I ever watched (except from Pokemon), and got me hooked up in not only romcom, but anime in generally! It was actually my sister who asked me to watch it, but it did take some time before I actually watched it. I think I was about 12 soon 13, and had just started becoming interested in manga (I read Ranma 1/2, great manga btw!!)

Mini, mini, mini spoiler: I actually remember complaining to my sister about Haruhi having a girl voice when he was a boy! She made me watch the dub version (which actually was not that bad), but I remember complaining until they showed us he actually was a girl! I felt so proud that I had noticed that! Hahaha! xD

It has been some time since I watched the anime, but it is such a good story that I still clearly remember scenes from it. Since the anime came out 9 years ago, the animation is not as bright compare to today’s anime, but it does not destroy the enjoyment at all! A little tips: do not get too much hope when it comes to the romance, as Ouran High School Host Club focuses more on friendship. But there are romance in it! I can not say much about the music, except that the opening is really catchy! (*˘︶˘*)

I definitely recommend the anime, especially if you like romcom (romance and comedy)!    


11 thoughts on “(Romcom) anime recomandation: Ouran High School Host Club

      1. Do you know the reason for why they have not made a season 2?
        I know that general reasons to why an anime often do not have another season would be because they do not have enough material or that the anime is not popular enough. But both of the cases do not apply to Ouran High School Host Club! (∩︵∩)

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      2. I think one of the reasons I heard is just how then ended it and how making a 2nd season may be difficult but I’m honestly not for sure. Maybe they will come out with one later since the popularity of the show is so high.

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      3. Ah, I see. It does make sense >< I would be really happy if they made a 2 season, as I would love to see more Haruhi x Tamaki moments. But at the same time, if the anime did turn out bad, I rather just have one season. Nevertheless, we still have the manga (◠‿◠✿)

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      4. Yes that is true and the manga was very good. Also I can’t help but think that Haruhi could actually match with any of the hosts. If she wasn’t with Tamaki I would love to see her with Mori or Kyoya.

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      5. I know. Haruhi is such a nice and understanding character!\(^-^)/ But please do not talk about it! I can not choose!! ಥ_ಥ

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  1. Ouran High School Host Club is the best! A great anime with awesome characters and a lot of hilarious scenes. Good review 🙂

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