“Cheer up” by Hong Jin Young

Even though this song was posted 4 months ago, I only found it yesterday! (つд`)
I love how the music use a traditional instrument, and her voice is so full of emotions!
The storyline for me was a little bit confusing, so I seeked help in the comments. Hehe.. What I found out is that Hong Jin Young failed at a job interview. This reminded her on how her father lost his job when she was in high school, and he became depressed. And then she used the stamp on her father telling him to cheer up. Her boyfriend (Nam Goong Min) later used the stamp on her, when she became depressed after not getting the job, reminding her to cheer up as well!

The message in the lyrics are simply beautiful. We humans can not succeed in everything we do, making mistakes is part of our lives! But do not give up because of that! Learn from your mistakes and become stronger!
“There are many hurtful and difficult days.
Living is such a good thing. Great job today”


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