Boyfriend’s “Bounce”

Six days ago Starship (and 1TheK) released Boyfriend’s new song called “Bounce”. This time the concept is Alice in wonderland! 😀

The intro sounds a little familiar, like a mashup of their former comebacks “Obsession” and “Witch”. After listening to the song a few times, I have started to like it more. Though the song is catchy, I still find it a little bit too similar to their former comebacks. It does not really stand out ●︿●

However, the dance suits well with the song, especially with the bounce part. What I also generally like with Boyfriend’s dance choreography is that we can clearly see who is singing or rapping. Like he either stands at front or the person is the only one standing.

I really like that they have a concept for their songs! Their outfit (which they are wearing in the picture below) is my favorite from this comeback and they look so good! The setting for their MV was also really beautiful! It also seems like dying the hair either blue or light pink is really inn this season. But both Donghyun and Hyunseong nails it! Donghyun also suits wearing red lenses! ^o^ I also really liked that they changed the order of who is rapping. Usually is Minwoo then Kwangmin, but this time it was Kwangmin who started rapping and then it was Minwoo.

Boyfriend - 'Wonderland'

Boyfriend Releases Teaser Video for “Bounce”

Overall, the song is a catchy and I have started to like it more. But I do find it a little too similar with their former comebacks. The dance seems quite powerful and suits the song. Also, the setting and Boyfriend’s outfit in the MV is gorgeous! 🙂


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