Manga recomandation: MeruPuri

Believe it or not, this was also one of the manga I read when I started to become interested in manga! xD And of course one of my favorite!

Name: MeruPuri: Märchen Prin
Genre: comedy, fantasy, romance, school life, shoujo and supernatural
Author and artist: Hino Matsuri (You read right! It is the same person who wrote and drew Vampire Knight)
Chapters and volumes: 22 chapters and 4 volumes

The manga is about the 15 year old girl Airi Hoshina, like any other girls she wishes to find love. Her ordinary life is suddenly turned upside down, when 7 year old (prince) Aram, comes out from her mirror.

I feel like there are a lot of different opinions about this manga. Either you love it or hate it. Personally, I can not see why anybody would hate this manga! It might be this typical girl meets boy manga and that the heroine is not like any other girls he has met before. But, Ari is also a girl with determination and backbone! I also think Airi possess this “pure girl” quality, she is determined to find her fated one and they will live happily ever after. She also describes her first kiss as a very important love memory and does not want to do it with just anybody. I know this sound so “girly” and cliché, and that the are many others manga who has this “pure girl” character. But I just find it so refreshing in Airi! She comes out not too needy and is determined to work for it!

Nevertheless, the story is still unique with a nice pacing and good character development!  I know that one thing many people dislikes is that Aram is 8 years younger than Airi. People call her a pedophile for falling in love with him, and either drops the manga or not wanting to start reading the manga. While I get that we all have different opinions and will like different things, please read the whole manga and then tell me that you do not like it! Airi does not fall for Aram because of love at first sight. It actually takes time and it is also because of his kind yet a little childish character. As well as because he is so mature for his age. I actually get the feeling that Arman is an old soul in a young body! xD

Another reason why you should read the manga is because of the beautiful art! The way Matsuri-sensei draws the eyes is so gorgeous!

Conclusion: definitely go read the manga! It is really sweet and funny! ^_^

Please let me know what your thoughts are about this manga! ^^


2 thoughts on “Manga recomandation: MeruPuri

  1. Age difference doesn’t matter if both are of legal age, say the guy is 16 and the girl is 24. ( sttill iffy ) , but to have a relationship with an 8 year old boy is simply illegal, besides being pedophilic.


    1. I get that, but we also have to remember that this is, after all a manga. Spoiler: And she does wait till Aram is 17, before she marries him. So in the end they are as you say, legal of age.


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