Ailee’s “Sakura”

Four days ago Ailee released the full length English lyrics video of “Sakura”, originally sung by Ikimono Gakari. Video below 🙂

When I first found the short version, I was a little surprised that almost the whole song was in English. I do feel a little sad that it was not in Japanese. However, it was certainly easier to understand what she was singing :p  Also it hit me that the few Japanese words in the song is like how kpop and jpop usually have a few English words in their song. Kinda funny how it was reversed this time 😛

So as this was an English version of the song “Sakura”, I had to listen to the original. And personally I liked that one better. I do admire Ailee, she has such a beautiful and strong voice! I liked how the song started soft and was building up to the chorus, but for me it got a little bit too strong. Nevertheless, it was a nice version and Ailee did a great job! 🙂

So what are your thoughts, which version do you like the most, Ailee’s or Gakari’s? Or maybe both? Hehe 😛

And for those who want to hear the original:


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