My thoughts on “The kingsman secret service”

The following text will contain spoilers! And please excuse my rambling (as I will mainly talk about my thoughts on the movie) (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ

Usually when it comes to movies I will watch the trailer more than once (mostly because it pops out like ad everywhere). But this time, I only watched the trailer once (it happened when I was at the cinema waiting for Mockingjay part 1 to start). The trailer left a very god impression on me, and I thought: “I am definitely going to watch that movie!”. And so I did last Saturday! 😀 One thing for sure is that the movie did not disappoint me!

Since I only watched the trailer once ( a while ago) and did not read what the move was about, I thought that the bad guys was part of the good guys. and I was a little bit confused on who died and who survived at the opening scene. So the beginning for me was a little bit confusing, but I got the hang of it soon. Something that was a little bit annoying was that a tall man sat in front of me, so it was hard to see the subtitle. Not that it was a big problem, but it was sometimes hard to get what they were saying. Like when Harry was explaining the pen and the shoes.

I like how the movie was not like the typical spy movies. That it was actually teenagers who was doing all they could to become the new Lancelot and joining The Kingsman. What I also really liked about the movie, was the humor. The kingsman is tagged as action comedy movie, and it definitive deserves the humor tag. The humor did not feel forced at all! It was really funny when Eggsy thought that the pug was a bulldog! xD Or when Harry Hart was trying to get out of the (hate group) church, but the woman next to him would not let him pass so he said: “I’m a Catholic whore, currently enjoying congress out of wedlock with my black Jewish boyfriend who works at a military abortion clinic. Hail Satan, and have a lovely afternoon madam”.
But sometimes the humor felt a little bit directed to boys. (Don’t read this if you are under 15!) Like how princess Tilda said they could do it in the ass if Eggsy saved the world. It was kinda funny, but not really my taste of humor.

Since we are talking about the dogs, it was little bit disappointing that they did not have a bigger role in the movie. And my sister pointed out that the scene where Eggsy and Roxy had to shoot their dog was a little bit bad executed. It felt kinda weird that they had to shoot their dog without any reason (expect for joining the agency). It would have been much better if there was a reason, like the dog was infected with a disease.

So lately movies (and books) have been very good at bringing serious topics into the plot. I do agree with Mr. Valentine, that we humans are the ones destroying our own planet. I liked how he said that the global warming is like a fever for the earth. His method might have been very effective, but nevertheless too extreme!

I did not really like that all the VIP people and the ones that worked for Mr. Valentine died. I know that they are selfish people who was only thinking about themselves or working for the bad guy. But I still do not think that they should have paid with their lives. I know saving them all would have been impossible, but it felt wrong killing them all to save the rest. Though it was a little funny and smart way to make it look like fireworks when their head was blown away 😛
But Harry’s death!! T^T I was hoping all the time that he was not killed. That he had somehow managed to dodged the bullet, but was only pretending to be dead. At least he died quick. It is kinda sad that all he has ever done is unknown to the public. But I liked what he said about a true gentleman’s name only appear three time in the newspaper (to announce his birth, marriage and death).

What I missed in the movie was that they did not show how Eggsy got so good at fighting. I know that he was talented, and had been in the Royal Marines. But it was kinda a bad transition from getting through different trials at the agency, to suddenly fighting all alone and not being hit by any bullets! (I know they could not focus so much on it, since they have time limit and they need to prioritize). And also, why did he only take the umbrella? He should have also taken on of the big guns!
Another thing I would have loved to know is how Gazelle became Valentine’s henchwoman and how she lost her feet and got those bladed prosthetic legs. But nevertheless, she was really good at fighting and had really good moves!

*Phew* Thanks for reading so far! 😀 So to conclude this long text: I really liked the movie. It was funny and had good fighting scenes! The kingsman also tried to bring up issues we face today. Overall the movie was very good, and you should definitive watch it! 😉


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