April Fools’ Day and one month since I started daijinai omoide! \(≧◡≦)/

Omg, I just found out that I somehow did not post this 4 days ago! T^T Goooomen~!!

How are you guys doing? Have anybody played a prank on you? :p Luckily, I am having Easter holiday right now, so nobody could play a prank on me.

As the title also suggest, it is exactly a month since I started this blog! 😀

I first started it as a place where I could just write down my thoughts and opinions about my hobbies. Often when I finish an anime or manga, or find a kpop song I like, I just want to have someone I can share it with. Telling what I like or did not like about it and also hear what their thoughts are. But sadly, I have only one friend and two acquaintances who likes anime, manga and kpop. But I do not see them that much and they are not that into it (or at least not as much as me). So it is hard to discuss it with them. I do have my sister, but she is also not that into it. We also like different genres when it comes to anime and manga. So basically I have very few people I can talk to when it comes to manga, anime and kpop ಥ_ಥ

To be honest, I was not really expecting anybody to find my blog. I just considered it a place where I could get my thoughts out. So when I got my first view, I was really happy! And I can not believe that countries from all over the world have check out my blog during last month! ⊙ω⊙  Once again, I am really happy! I also love when you guys leave a comment (so do not be afraid to do that! I want to hear your opinions!)

I know that I have not been so active lately, gomen! (◠︿◠✿) I do have many animes I want to write about, but I have not been able to finish them (I like to watch the whole anime before I write about it) or I just can not find the time to sit down and write about it. And unfortunately, exam periods are coming soon, so I will not be able to do any of those things. Therefore, there will most likely be very, very few post during April and May! Honto ni gomen ne! o(╥﹏╥)o But I will try to catch up to all the anime series (I want to watch), when school is finish (or at least when exam is finished), and write many post, so please look forward to that! ヽ( ´ ∇ ` )ノ

To end this post, I wanna thank every single one of you who checks out my post! I really, really appreciate you reading through my rambling, and I love when you leave a comment!

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