Cube Entertainment’s new female group CLC

CLC Debut Teaser Face Shown

CLC stands for Crystal Clear and is a multinational group, consisting of five members. I believe from left to right is: Ye Eun, Seungyeon, Yoojin, Sorn, and Seunghee. They debuted with the EP First Love on the 19th of March. Their video for their tile track Pepe, came out the 18th of March.

To be honest, I am not that oriented when new groups are debuting. I actually came over CLC’s dance practice video by an accident. When I clicked the video, I was sure this was going to be yet another “girly” group. But I have to admit I was wrong and I got really surprised when they started dancing! The video started with them talking and having fun, but when they went to the practice room and the music started they went totally serious! I was shocked how powerful and synced they danced, considering that they just debuted!

I immediately had to find their music video! And I just love the song! ♥w♥ It is so catchy, yet not to girly! I also really liked the dance moves! They make is seems so easy yet powerful. Their outfits are also very cute, yet classy or hip hop (and not too much skin revealing). But what I liked the most about the group was the powerful vocals! They have all such nice and strong voice. And I was really amazed with the rapper, she is so fierce! It turns out she is born in 1998!(°o°;)But her rapping kinda reminds me of Jimin, the rapper from AOA.

The only thing that annoys me is the way they sing “amazing”, it sound like “amajing”. But I am just being picky here 😛 And it is so weird that three of the members are born in the same year as me (1996), yet they look so much more mature and beautiful! ಥ_ಥ

Before I found CLC’s practice video I came over season 1 of K-pop Star Hunt. Where Sorn was a participant and eventually won it. It was so weird yet cool to see how she had improved so much in both singing and dancing and how her appearance have changed. I almost could not recognize her! (O.O)

Before I end this post, I just have to say that their logo is so cute! I like how their group name looks like a cat face! :3 Though I am a little bit unsure of the name Crystal Clear..
So to conclude: I was really surprised by this group, and I will be keeping an eye on them! ^o^ You should definitive check them out!



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