My thoughts on Owari no seraph episode (1 and) 2

I honestly do not know if I have ever had so many questions after only watching the second episode of an anime! Which obviously is good since it makes me want to watch the whole anime, though the downside is that I have to wait one week to only watch one and sitting here with so many unanswered questions *sigh* o(╥﹏╥)o

The main source of all my question is actually from watching the opening. Before I elaborate my questions, I just want to comment the opening song. It is called “X.U.” by SawanoHiroyuki[nZk]:Gemie. At first,I did not really like the beginning of the song, and even though many parts are sung in English it was kinda hard to grasp what she sang. But I totally love the chorus! I wished the singer had sung a little stronger, but totally digging the beat! And after listening to the song two more times, I am totally jamming to it and it is easier the grasp what she is singing! ( I am actually listening to the song while I am writing this post! xD) Edit: Found out that the whole song is actually in English.

So back to the foreshadowing in the opening! First, of we see Yuu and Mika as children. Featured image
We also see the vampire Ferid, who Yuu killed in episode 1. I found that a little weird since they died in episode one. But I thought maybe it was like a flashback for the viewers. Then a little later in the video, we see this:

Featured image
an older version of Mika! ∑(;°Д°) I honestly believed he died in episode 1! So I believe the reason he is alive has something to do with this girl vampire:
Featured image

But why is Mika wearing a uniform that are almost like Ferid’s? ⊙▂⊙

Bilderesultat for fried bathory
Yeah…. so this guy (who looks so nice and handsome in the picture) is also alive… In episode one, Yuu managed to shoot a bullet through his head. It looked like he died, but I was not sure if he actually died of that. I mean, he is a vampire and would not that be too easy? And as we saw in episode 2, vampires can heal their own injuries (though it was only small cuts). So maybe he drank lots of blood? As the female vampire said, if she drank the blood of the high school girl, Yuu would not be able to defeat her. Another question is, why was the vampire at school grounds?

Next, in the opening we see Yuu taking a fighting pose and we are spinning around him. It is so epic how the chorus starts while he draws his sword and leaps up to the monsters and kill them, while the asphalt is flying around him!(°∀°) Go Yuu!! (sorry for not having any photos of that)

We also see other people in action, like Yoichi! <(‘o'<)
Featured image
I especially like that he uses the bow and arrow! He looks really cool!

But what I am most curious about is the mark on Yuu’s face!

Featured image
I get some “Donten ni warau ” vibes from it. Like something is living withing him, which can cause the end of the word or something like that.

So overall, the opening was really epic and amazing, as well foreshadowing many things which I can not wait to see!!

The ending is also good. I did not expect the guitar riff and the harsh singing (sorry, I do not know the right term to describe it). But it was definitely a surprise and I like it! I have not read what the lyrics are about, but based on the English line: “I need your blood”, seems like the song suits the anime.

And for those who have watched episode 1, prepare to get your mind blown!

Featured image

I never noticed it! Σ(‘◉⌓◉’) Have you?

So far I am loving the anime! The fighting scenes are very good, which I did not expect less as the animation company are the ones who also animated Attack on Titan. It also feels like one episode only last for five minutes, which is a sign that this is a very good anime! With exam periods coming soon, it is actually quit nice that this is an ongoing anime. For each week I can have something to look forward to, while I also get a little break from all the studying and stress.

Most of the photos are from kissanime, but also from myanimelist and facebook 😉


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      1. Hehe, I know the struggle 😛 I know right, I felt so stupid for not noticing it ヽ(○´3`)ノ Waah (゚◇゚;)!!!Hope it is wrong then, unless you don’t like the character ヽ(´▽`)/


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