Mariya Nishiuchi’s “ありがとうForever… ” (arigato forever)

“ありがとうForever… ” or arigato forever (for those who can not read Japanese, like me) is the main theme for the drama “Renai Jidai”. The song was both written and composed by Mariya as a gift to her fans!

I found this song a week ago, when I was feeling really down because of a test I just got back. I thought I did well on it… but apparently not.. (our teacher is very strict!) Anyway, usually I am not to fan of slow song. But somehow I just fell in love with it right from the beginning! I really like that the singer herself is playing the piano. (I am obviously new to the singer). I also like how the piano did not drown Mariya. And I absolutely love the part with the violin! Again it does not drown the singer, rather it brings out her soft voice and the emotions she wants to convey!

I think the music video is very nice. You really get a spring feeling! I usually like “behind of scenes” clips in music videos, as we get to see the singer(s) real emotions and not just role(s) they play. But in this music video, I would actually prefer not having them. I think some were a little randomly put, and it ruined the flow of the video. But as I do not understand what she is singing, I do not know if it suits the text. I think the settings are very pretty and would love to only have that. But again, I like that we get to see the real emotions of the singer. I just have to ad that Mariya looks so pretty! The stylist and makeup artist did a great job! 😀 Does anyone know the English lyrics? I really want to know! > 3 <



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