Visual image and PV releashed for Noragami’s 2 season! ≧◡≦

Now that the second season of Noragami has been confirmed, the anime’s official website has released the second season’s new key visual image, which contains the next arc’s five main characters!
This season will adapt the manga’s popular Bishamon arc. So obvious it will center around the badass God of combat, Bishamon (°∀°)

Avex pictures has also released the PV for the next season (which I have linked below). The video uses images from Adachitoka’s manga to tease the upcoming arc.

After watching the video, my thoughts are:
– why does or more like, what makes Kofuku has such a stern, angry expression?
– who is that guy at 0:16-0:19?
– I really hope the bond between Iki and Yato deepend, cus I ship them so much!   (●´ω`●)
– Obviosly what is or has happened to Bishamon. Why is she crying? And it looks like she has closed some part of herself (as she is curling up like a ball). Why?
– But mostly: what happens to Yukine?! Do not tell me he “dies”? (⊙﹏⊙✿)

So overall, I am looking forward to the second season! I am not as hyped as I hoped I would be after watching the PV. Nevertheless, it still looks awsome and epic! And we might get to know the details for why Bishamon hates Yato so much! (Spoiler for those who have not finished season 1: I know that Yato killed one of her shinki, but we might get to know why)

Just a little side note: I finished season one of Noragami about a week ago, but have not gotten the time to write about it. (You can read about the reasons in my “April Fool’s day and one month since I started blogging” post). Anyway, I will try to write a review about the anime when I get more time! But as you might have guessed: I definately recomend you to watch it!



6 thoughts on “Visual image and PV releashed for Noragami’s 2 season! ≧◡≦

  1. I like Nragami ! It’s been on Netflix for quite a while, waving at me, and saying ” watch me watch me. ” I’m glad I did because I freakin’ liked it.

    However, I’m not sure if I’ll be as enthusiastic with Season 2. I’m fine knowing more about Bishamon, but for Season 2 to be all about her is not exactly my cup of tea.


    1. Haha, glad you decided to pick it up! The humor in it is one of the best!O(≧∇≦)O
      I was also a little skeptical to the season being all about her as well, but it seems (from episode 2) that it will be more about the bond between her and Yato. Why did Yato kill her shinki(s)? (we already get a little hint about it from the first episode) Is that the only reason she hates Yato so much? Moreover, it seems that there are already going to be a confrontation between Yato and Bisha in episode three. (I am planning to watch it later, so I don’t know what happens yet). So the anime is definitive not going to be from her perspective about her daily life, but rather about her as a God, her past and presents (with problems ofc). All in all, I definitive recommend you to give it a shot! 🙂 (There are many anime sites where you can watch it, if you don’t want to wait till it gets on Netflix 😉 )


      1. I just got Hulu Plus yesterday, and right away the first one that I watched was the start of Season 2 of Noragami. I’m not sure but it lookslike there are snippets of scenes from this season that look like Yato and Bisha had a romantic relationship ! ! Ugh ! Well, what can we expect , Yato is after all, 1000 years old ? And that nasty girl, Nora , seems to have had a more than master – shinki relationship. Yato did admit she was a friend with benefits. It also implies ” gods ” also indulge in s*x.


      2. Right?! Or at least it seems like they were (very) close before Yato killed her Shinki(s) and she started to hunt his life.
        Haha, your comment about Nora is the best! 😛 I don’t quite remember Yato admitting that Nora was a friend with benefits, but I know that he did use her to kill people > <


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