I’m back and suggestions on some kpop songs you can jam to in summer!ヽ(^◇^*)/

First of, I wanna apologize for lack of post, even though I on previous post stated that I would try to post more. I recently did not have access to my computer, so obviously I could not post anything even if I wanted to > <

So my last posts have mostly been about manga and anime, so I thought with so many different comebacks by groups and solo artists, this post will be about kpop. So most of us has started the summer holiday, and who does not like to listen to some summer songs?

The first song, which I totally jammed to during my exams is SHINee’s “View”:

I am not really a Shawol, but this song is totally awesome! I can even picture this playing in radios all over the world! 😀
The beat makes me wanna dance, while the dance itself seems so much fun! The music video seems to carry the message to enjoy your life, though I will not recommend bathing in others properties and be careful at parties! I am not really fond of their outfits, and I do not really like the part where Key sings “By my side”, to me it sounds a little bit out of key.Nevertheless a very good comeback song that gets me in the summer mood! 😀

The next song I wanna recommend is BoA’s “Kiss my lips”:

As always she looks gorgeous!   (◡‿◡✿) I saw an interview where BoA said she would be happy if people described her song as “sexy”. To be honest I do not associate the word with something positive , but for this song, if I was asked to describe it with one world it has to be “sexy”. Everything about it is sexy, from BoA’s low voice when she sings/says “come and kiss my lips” to the dance and the music video! This is one of many examples that people can be sexy without showing a lot of skin or doing vulgar dance (which I frankly do not find sexy or attractive at all!) So this song (and BoA herself) definitely helps me starting associate the word “sexy” with something that can be positive.

Furthermore, I really like that they use props (if that is the right word) in the dance. I think the feathers is a nice touch, as well as it is something different. The outfits and makeup is gorgeous! And did you know that for this comeback BoA wanted to wear heels (while she usually wears sneakers), and it is also her first time wearing a skirt on stage? Nevertheless, I have to comment the dance! I totally love it! It is sexy and on beat! I especially love the move on 1:22! ♥‿♥

The next song I am going to present is “Coffee and tea” by Eddie Kim with Solar from Mamamoo. This song is the definition of summer! Soft and quite slow song!

It might be a little to much coffee reference in the song for me ;p But the song definitely describes how being in love is! The music video is cute and their voices goes so well together! This songs suits you if you want to sit outside in the sun or taking a small walk! (=∩_∩=)

The next song I’m going to introduce is also a slow one. “364 Days of Dreams” by Na Yoon Kwon:

His voice is so calm and soft~!(~ ̄▽ ̄)~ Compare to the song above, this song is about breakup. The music video is refreshing and I liked the mm counter in the video. Both the song and video portraits how a relationship sometimes does not work. And not to mention that the actors are good looking! xD Even thought the song has a sad message, I would still listen to it when I am talking a stroll outside eating ice cream.

The last song I recommend you to jam to during the summer is “Shake it” by Sistar:

Just watching the music video makes my grin from ear to ear! It is so colorful and they seem to have so much fun! O(≧▽≦)O I totally get summer vibes while watching the video! However, it does not feel that special if I only listen to the song (without watching the video), so I guess the song has to grow on me. However, the dance seems so lively!

Is there any other songs you would recommend me to listen to during the summer? Comment below and let med know! 😀


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