My thoughts on the posters and trailer for Live-action Attack on Titan

Before you read what I have to say about this, you should check out this article, which contains the posters as well as some other information. Also take a look on the trailer, which I have linked below

So now that you are a little bit updated on how the movie is going to be, how are you feeling about it all?
Because I am not pleased. This is literally me right now: ಠ╭╮ಠ
When I first saw the posters (which was many months ago), I was a little bit skeptical. Most of the actors do not look like the manga character at all. It is stated in the manga that Mikasa is one of the last members of an Asian clan, therefore I got a little bit puzzled when I saw that all the actors was Asians. But taking in consideration that this movie is after all being made in Japan, it is obvious that they would cast Japanese actors. So I let that pass, even though I was not happy with it.

BUT, why cut out Levi as well as adding seven new characters? I mean it is frigging Levi heichou we are talking about here. Even though Shikishima, who is the one replacing Levi, looks pretty badass in the poster. However, he is still not Levi and that will not change even if you add “The strongest man”. So my theory for why they cut out Levi is that they did not find a cool, badass (and short) enough actor to play him.

And what is with that kiss is in the trailer?! ಠ▃ಠ One of the things I like about Attack on Titan is that there are not much love in it. It is hinted that Mikasa has some kind of thing for Eren. What kind of feelings she harbors for him is hard to say. Gratitude for saving her life? Family love? Love as in I wanna marry you? We do not know, but what we do know is that Jean definitely has a thing for Mikasa. Do we really need a love triangel between Mikasa, Jean and Shikishima? No. And it is obvious that Mikasa has no interest in romance, her priority is keeping Eren alive. So I hope the producers do not start a frigging love-thingy here.

When it comes to the new seven character: why? It says in the article that some of the characters are inspired by manga characters who will not appear in the story. So is it because those characters is not Asian and therefor they cut them out and created some to go along with the actors? And what is it with that guy and the ax? Is he going to stay on ground and try to slash the small titans or something?

And Sasha, she looks way too cool and composed compare to the original character. She is known to be a food hoarder and simple minded, but with a sharp intuition. And she definitely do not use bow and arrows, though it did happen once in the manga {(>_<)}

The only one I am 100% pleased with is actually Hanji. Looks crazily passionate as always. Eren also looks quite promising and I hope that Mikasa will be as cool and good fighter as in the manga.

Overall, (sorry if it was a lot of complaining) I am not too pleased with how the movie is turning out. But who knows how the movie will be? It might end up with a lot off unexpected plot twist and turn out really good. Nevertheless, for now I am just going to stick with the manga and anime. What about you, what are you thought on this and do you plan to see the movie?


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