An underrated song as well as an underrated group: “Might just die” by History

On May 20th the tittle track, “Might just die”, for History’s 4th mini album [Beyond the HISTORY] was released. One of the impressive part is that it was written and composed by member Yi Jeong. Before you watch either one of the videos, take a deep breath fangirls and fanboys~! (◕‿-)
Music video:

Performance version:

After watching the performance version, I was so impressed! Not only because of the chocolate abs (ノ♥ω♥)ノ, but the whole dance is amazing, especially the move at 2:54, where they jump, land and body roll on the ground. I also really like the hand movement, where they swing it back and forth.

The song itself took some time to like, because it has such harsh tone. But considering what the song is about, it totally fits. “The use of string instruments and roaming piano sounds come together nicely with the boys’ vocals and… panting?” (

You can really see how hard they have worked for this comeback by watching this video:

My whole soul hurts from seeing them getting hurt. I really admired them for not giving up on that particular dance move, even though they get hurt and are afraid! (Not that they, most likely, could give up even if they wanted too > <)

The video linked under is a dance practice where the members are blindfolded. It really shows how hard they really have worked! Not only does they not bump into each other, but they are perfectly synced! (OoO)

Both videos show once again that kpop stars really put 110% in what they do! Never judge a book by it’s cover! History fighting!


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