I’m baaack~! ヾ(@⌒▽⌒@)ノ

Just as the tittle says, I am back from my one week vacation in Warsaw, Poland! Did you guys miss me? ôヮô

The week really past quickly, but I’m glad to be back home! ^_^ I went to many different museums, saw different monuments, did some shopping and even did an escape game! I obviously went a lot and my feet are dead tired right now. I am so gonna go and take a hot bath later! (・ェ-)

Warsaw was much bigger than I had anticipated, but because we booked a hotel in the city center, we could easily walk to the hotel (when we became more familiar with the town).

The downside about my stay would be the lack of street plate to attractions! The street plate that were to be found was mostly to the bigger attractions, making it hard to find smaller attractions. Luckily most of the people were nice and helped if we asked for directions, but the lack of English knowledge of the people working in public services was disappointing! For example in the beginning it was a little challenge for us to find the right bus/tram/metro station and the right directions, because the people who worked at the ticket offices or stores only knew very little English or did not have any information about it. Not so fun being a tourist when the people who are suppose to help you do not manage that..

It was also colder in Warsaw than what we had expected, and ofc it got sunnier and warmer when we were leaving.. (¤﹏¤) But I did not pour down with rain when we were there, so I guess I do not have anything to complain about.

However, I have to give a shout out to FREE walking tour for old town. The guide did an amazing job! Her English was very good and the whole tour was very interesting! Though it lasted for two hours, I never felt it was boring!

I felt my stay in Warsaw really flew by, though it would be nice to stay a few days more to see more attractions and getting a chance to feel the sun. But the fact that I am super tired right now, is a good sign right? 😉 But the cause can also be that I only slept for 4 hours and had to wake up at 6 o’clock today! ↁ_ↁ

I first had to fly from Warsaw to Copenhagen and then from Copenhagen to Norway (which is where I live btw 😛 ) But my flight to Norway was delayed by an hour!! ಠ益ಠ Both flights lasted for a little more than an hour, so I did not really get any chance to sleep very much and my neck hurts.. So coming home to two cousins (cousin A: lives in another city and cousin B) at my home is not very amusing.. We clearly told cousin A to come next week and cousin B did not call before coming over… like usual.. (¬_¬)

I do not mind them coming over, but for crying out loud, why can’t they think about our situation for once?! Because, honestly, who is not tired after travelling and wants to settle down quietly? Also, our house is small enough as it is (we are currently five people living in a quite small apartment)  (≖︿≖✿)

Buuuut I also have to add that the things in Poland was quite cheap so I guess we got that going for us 😉 😛


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