Super Junior’s “Devil”

To celebrate the groups 10th anniversary, Super Junior released a special album called Devil on July 16The agency said: ‘Friendship and trust among members along with gratitude toward fans’ love are the foundation for the album.

I am actually surprised of how much I love this song! The song and dance are just so much fun! ^o^ After repeating the song several times, I just felt that the beginning somehow sounded familiar, but I just could not think of which song it sounded alike. After listening to several recent popular song, I think I found it: Happy by Pharrell Williams. Do you hear it?

I have to admit that I was surprised, but also happy that so many members have returned from their military service. It is great to see them almost as a whole group again! ヽ(‘ ∇‘ )ノ

I really like the outfits for this song! They are dressed simple, yet so sophisticated (which enhance their gorgeous bodaay and faaace). Moreover, they look damn good! (⊙ω⊙✿) Poor Siwon tho, dressed in white pants and blazer in a white background, making it a little hard to spot him.

I really love the chorus, so catchy and with the dance that fit so well! The whole dance either fit the lyrics or just look a little bit silly and funny, yet they manage to pull it off with their charisma!〜( ̄▽ ̄〜) (〜 ̄▽ ̄)〜 I totally  love the dance, but especially the moves for “hey hey” in the beginning. They are all doing different, funny (and a little sexy) poses, while they looking so serious xD

I also like that they try to be serious, but do not manage to let a smile slip. It shows that they are having fun, which is important! But I have noticed that there is a slight difference in the dance. If you watch the performance video below at 3:13, they are bending their knees, while in the music video they are doing the same, as well with their index finger. I actually prefer what they do in the performance video, it just look less sexual. Hahahaha! xD

The only thing I miss in this song is Eunhyuk’s rapping. Though I like, and think Heechul did a good job! I was also a little bit surprised that there were not one member that sang (really) high (and long) notes. I also think vocal transition between the members was really good in this song! Their voices really blend well together, and even though they have different voices (and you can usually hear who is who) it does not feel choppy, which I think happens in almost every kpop song.

So overall I think this is a really good comeback song! The boys (or should I say men?), look really good. The song is catchy and the dance seems a little silly yet so much fun! (*^U^)人(≧V≦*)/

You can check out the music video with English sub down below, but do check out the mv on their official youtube channel (linked above) 😉


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