5 months since I started this blog and the one-shot Futsu Hyakkei!〜(^∇^〜)(〜^∇^)〜

Yay! 5-months anniversary! ヽ(〃^▽^〃)ノ  Let’s party, by dancing on our bed! *Jumps on my parents bed because I have a bunk bed*


I did not really blog much last month and I want to apologies for that. However, you should know that I have started writing reviews for three anime, but the main reason why I have not mange to finish them is because, honestly, I am stuck on how to continue writing them. I am not the best at formulating (in English), so I have to think and re-write a lot, which again is quite time consuming. And I do not like to post some half-hearted post. So I hope you guys will have some patience and not holding any grudge on me.

But yesterday I found a one-shot called Futsu Hyakke. It is your quite usual shoujo romance one-shot, but I just thought that the manga really portraits my life. Futsu Hyakkei is basically about Mirutsuki, who is the most average girl. One day she is approached by Fujiyama, who is the class smartest and popular boy. Why? Because he wants to observe her.

No, I have not been approached by a guy, who wants to observe me…

*Go crying in the corner with Tamaki*

It is the average part I am referring to. I do not think it is necessarily bad, but sometimes it sucks. Not being able to at least score 85% on a test, even though I have studied a lot. Not being particularly good (or particularly bad) at sports or instrument …. But the worst part: “Neither being in the guys top 10 most wanted girlfriend. Nor been selected into the guys top 10 most unwanted girlfriend. Belongs to the absolute neither liked nor hated position”. Page 8 of Futsu Hyakkei.

It is nice not being hated. But sometimes I wonder why I just can not get along with more people.. When I talk with my friends about being shy and not good at talking with people, and they say that they have the same problem, yet two second later they have a small conversation with a person I do not manage to get along. I just do not know why I am so socially awkward O.o
But we are who we are, and no one could replace us! So give yourself a big warm hug!

Soooo.. yeah…. You should definitely check out the one-shot! The story is cute and a little different, though spoiler-ish (not really that much of a spoiler) it has a typical shoujo ending (▰◠◡◠▰)
To end this post I want to thank you guys for following my blog or if you just read one or several post(s)! Every view, comment and like encourage me to write more! ^o^ So once again: Thank you!


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