VIXX LR’s “Beautiful Liar”

Any other super happy and exited ST☆RLIGHT out there? 😀 Why you ask? Because VIXX first sub-unit have debuted!

Can you guess who it is by looking at their awesome logo? It might be hard to see, but that is actually a L and R. And by that you should know who the sub-unit consist of!(ミ ̄ー ̄ミ)

I remember I was so exited when the first teaser came out, and I loved the way it sounded. But I actually had to listen to the song twice before I liked it. Sorry LR! T^T Check the MV below! 🙂

I surprisingly really, really like the MV!  The use of lightning, camerawork  and colors is fantastic! It really is artistic! The lightning conveys the mood as well as the feelings to Leo and Ravi. I do not really know how to describe the camerawork. But the transition between the different scenes are very good! It also manages to show Leo’s and Ravi’s handsome side even though we most of the time only see their faces. Moreover, even though the colors is mostly dark in the MV, we do not get the feeling of a scary situation, but rather something sad and painful is happening.

What I also really like about the MV is that I for once can actually guess what the story is about. I usually just end up reading the comments, which have very good theories, but it sucks not being able to think of it myself. However, when I first saw “Beautiful Liar”, I instantly thought  of the story “Dr. Jekyll og Mr. hyde”. Even though I have only read an extract from the story, it was quite obvious that Leo was fighting against an “evil side” of himself as in “Dr. Jekyll og Mr. hyde”.

So my theory for the story to Beautiful Liar, is that the girl is leaving Leo. He (Leo) is trying to let her go, but Ravi, who is his inner self or his emotions do not want that, and tries to get her back. This can be seen when Leo (multiple times) tries to hold back Ravi, and that Ravi finally comes in term with it when he and Leo are dancing in the beach and he hugs Leo.
I also think that the reason Ravi wears such bright colors is because of the character he is playing. Ravi is suppose to be the feelings of Leo who does not want to let go of the girl, which also somewhat drives him crazy, which can be reflected in the colors. Furthermore, it also is a contrast to his hair color.

While we are talking about his hair color, are the any anime fan that thinks Ravi Ravi tatoo hand
reminds you of Kaneki from Tokyo Ghoul. The white hair, as well as the tattoo mask in his hand. I also have to comment that Ravi looks really good with those tattoos! I usually do not really like tattoos, but they totally suits him!

The only complains I have about this comeback is that it annoys me a little that Leo is playing the piano, yet we can not really hear any piano in the song. I also missed that Leo had a hint of pain when he sings. I know actually managing to convey emotions in your singing is very hard, but I think that Leo does not really sound that he is hurt in the song. But nevertheless, he did an awesome job!

When it comes to the song, I just love Ravi’s rapping. I love how he in the first verse raps in a quite normal pace, then picks it up and also sounds more angry  but also hurt, which is very fitting compared to the lyrics. And omg, his singing voice! It is so dark and sexy! XD (⊙ω⊙✿) And Leo’s singing is as beautiful and strong as ever! Yes Leo, you are indeed a beautiful liar. But I love how he start of the song, soft and yet determined, which again fits the lyrics perfectly! And the way he sings high notes as it is nothing, and the way he sings “Beautiful lie”. Dayum! ☆d(o⌒∇⌒o)b

This is definitely a very good debut for LR! I do not only say this because I am a VIXX fan, aka ST☆RLIGHT , but the lyrics, the video, their entire performance from the vocals to the acting, and the emotions a very well or should I say perfectly executed! Check out the English sub for the song down below:

Bonus (I  just have to share these wonderful pictures):



This is fan made, but dayum! Source


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