My thoughts on the Chinese drama “The Journey of Flower” (ep. 1-40)

It has been a little more than a week since I caught up to “The Journey of Flower” or also known as “花千骨”. This drama is currently still airing, and there will be another 11 episodes (if I am not mistaken). Because “The Journey of Flower” is not completed, this post will not be a review. Because I have many things I want to comment upon on this show, I have decided to write this post, which is going to contain spoilers! 

Since I started writing this post three more episodes have aired, but because I have not watched them, I will not talk about those episodes. And just to clarify, I am not going to talk about every single episode, but rather those scenes or occurrence I found funny or so on.

Believe it or not, but “The Journey of Flower” is actually my first Chinese drama ever! I have watched some episodes of Cantonese drama, but never really seen a Chinese drama. And if you are some sort of familiar with Chinese (movie) technology, you would know that the effects and the use of green/blue screen is not exactly the best. So being honest, when I decided to watch “The Journey of Flower” I did not really have any expectations for the show, or for the first episode for that matter. But, I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed myself through the whole episode 1! And the reason for that is how funny the effects was and how some scenes were super typical shoujo romance! xD

So first of we have this monster:
literallyadramaqueen: The Journey of Flower  ~  Episode 1       Bai Zihua rescues Qian Gu from a monster. Source
I just can not take it serious, because it looks so fake! And the way Mo Bing is held and struggles also looks really pretended, yet super hilarious! XD

Not to mention how it is stabbed and retreats! Sooo bad! (ᗒᗜᗕ)՛̵̖
literallyadramaqueen: The Journey of Flower  ~  Episode 1       Bai Zihua rescues Qian Gu from a monster. Source

While speaking of Mo Bing, he looks really good with his hair up! ♥‿♥ Too bad we only see it in the first few episodes! > 3 <


It did not really come as a shock when Qian Gu fell in love with Mo Bing/Bai Zi Hua (even though she herself did not realize it). What I found funny was that you could see the precise moment she fell in love with him, which was during the sword lesson (•⊙ω⊙•)
tumblr_nprx1gDGdZ1qij3qwo4_r1_400.gif tumblr_nprx1gDGdZ1qij3qwo3_r1_400.gif Source

It did bother me that the lesson never came to use, but more irritating is that she never used the sword! Not even once, even though Mo Bing used a lot of time and effort to make it. And in the end, she just buried it in the cold ground (I do get the reason for why she decided to bury it, but still!) ಠ╭╮ಠ

tumblr_nprx1gDGdZ1qij3qwo6_r1_400.gif tumblr_nprx1gDGdZ1qij3qwo7_r1_400.gif Source

Mo bing“If it’s predestined, then we will see each other again”
I have to admit that I found it super hilarious that Qian Gu got destiny-zoned! I always though that Sakura Chiyo had it bad with all her zones, but really, destiny zoned must be the worst! ʱªʱªʱª (ᕑᗢूᓫ∗)

Just another little thing that annoyed me (but mostly my mom XD Yupp, I managed to make my mom getting hooked in the show too :p ), was that Qian Gu continued to cut herself and filled up bottles with her blood, even though her Shifu clearly refused to drink it. He even knocked some over, making all her effort go to waste.

So when it comes to the characters in “The Flower of Journey”, they are not really that original. We have the typical weak female lead who becomes stronger, the mean “friend”, and the tsundere main lead (it is not wrong calling Bai Zi Hua tsundere right? xD Hmm.. maybe it would be more right to say the the typical cold main lead?)  And not to mention the show got it big share of harem and love triangle.

I actually did not mind that Dong Fang, Lang Gege and eventually Bai Zi Hua fell in love with her. It made sense since Xiao Gu is such a kind hearted person and she does spend a lot of time with them. The love competition between Dong Fang and Lang Gege was also funny (the particular scene were they pretended to be sick), though it was a little heart breaking to see that Xiao Gu only had her shifu in mind.

But I think is good that Lang Gege has Qing Shui. I am starting to ship them! 😀 Though I think the princess part of Qing Shui was kinda ridiculous and only for the plot to move on. I do feel sorry for her, because she does give and sacrifice a lot for Lang Gege. I have to admit that I did not really like her at the beginning, like just confess already, and do not deny that you were the one giving the gift to Lang Gege..



So speaking of couples, I do ship Tang Bao and Shi Yi, but I just can not see why Tang Bao is even in the series. She have not really contributed with anything in the show. It is said that she has power, yet we have not seen her use it once (like really used it). Maybe she will play a bigger part in the series later, but until now I have been quite disappointed in her character. Another thing I want to comment on is when she still had a body of a bug, why did she hid in Xiao Gu’s ear, that does not seem right no matter how you look at it e.e


Over to another couple (or at least crush):

I just hate Ni Man Tian! First she was this rich, mean girl, but then she just became this vengeful person. I fully understand that she would hold grudges against Qian Gu, but she just crossed the line trying to kill her (even though she was a little reluctant about it). And I did not like that Shuo Feng fell in love with her, it just came out of nowhere. He ignored her first, and then suddenly hanging around her. I would understand if he started to develop deeper feelings for her, but not just suddenly kissing her and claiming he likes her. Nevertheless, I do pity Man Tian. She has to be the absolute best for her father’s sake (his pride and reputation).

So over to another character that also has a tough life, namely Dong Fang. A person I know actually spoiled to me that Dong Fang was actually evil, so I thought I would not get shocked when they eventually revealed who he really was. But honestly, I got really shocked that he was the Pavilion master. I might have been dense for not seeing that, but it was such a shocker! (;´д`)ゞ


But I did like how he was persistence in following and marrying Qian Gu. He might have only done that to bring her and Bai Zi Hua together to fulfill his revenge, but Dong Fang did also end up falling for her too! O(≧∇≦)O But I really like that he understands that Xiao Gu only see him as a very good friend or a brother, and protects her in the shadow. And even though I want to hate him, I just can not. Who can really blame him for his actions? (though I do not think what he is doing is right!) He saw his father getting killed right in front of his eyes.

I just love his smug face! (♥ω♥*)

And finally we have come to my favorite character (it is a tie tho. Because I really like Bai Zi Hua too. I just melt when I see Zi Hua smiles (/∇\*)。o○♡)

The first thing I thought when I saw Sha Qian Mo was: a bishounen! (*゚ロ゚) You can only grasp his beauty in the series, but in case anybody who have not seen the show wanting to see how he looks like ⃛(*ૂ❛ัᴗ❛ั*ૂ)


I think it is so funny how he let Qian Gu call him “sister” in front of literally anyone, weather it is his underlings or people from Chang Liu. He is also seriously treating her like a princess and spoiling her! > 3 < Sooo jealous!

But one thing I must complain about is that Qian Gu never used that damn whistle Sha jiejie gave her! (╬•᷅д•᷄╬) And when the whistle finally was getting used, it was not even her who blew it! At the recent episodes even my Mom was annoyed by it. “Blow it! Blow that whistle already!” (◍˃̶ᗜ˂̶◍)

Another thing I want to mention is that when he got tricked by his underling to drink the soup which contained mind control pill and became crazy, the wasy he suddenly just got better was badly done. We first saw him making a scene in Chang Liu and then still not sane in the realm of dead (I am not entierly sure if that is where he lives). But then suddenly after a while he pops up and is totally fine. That I think could have been done better.

I did find it a little weird and funny that he admits using makeup. But I like how confidence he is about his beauty. Asking if Bai Zi Hua is jealous and wanting to compete who is more beautiful xD

The last one I am going to mention is Sheng Xiao Mo. I did not manage to find a picture of him, but he is the younger one who is always with Bai Zi Hua. I just love have laid back he is! XD
While searching for a photo of him, is just noticed that the pictures for “The flower of Journey” posters is basically each characters individual photo smoshed into one picture (●´艸`)

So to end this messy post, I definitive recommend watching this show! It is so much better than what I imagined. And I presume you have watched it/watching it, since you just read a spoiler post. So what are you thoughts on the show? (*^▽^*)

Edit: 4-9-15. I see that I left another thing that needs some explanation, namely this scene:

Because Xiao Gu got the holy-ish water poured in her throat, should she not have become “mute” or at least struggle to talk? O.o I mean her face got injured, as well as her eyes, so why did not anything happen to her throat?


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