“Huk” by Unicorn

Yes, you read right. This girl group is called Unicorn! Smart right? Who does not like unicorns. But I really like the reason behind why they got that name:

“Unicorn is a beautiful, legendary animal with a horn protruding from its forehead,” an official from the label was quoted as saying in the report. “The name refers to the group’s goal to heal people with music, just like a unicorn horn is said to have the power of therapy.” Source

Taken from allkpop.com: The girls are produced by Kim Jo Han, the same man behind various hit R&B songs. The 5-member group will be the first girl group ever to debut through a ‘web-com’ called ‘I Am A Girl Group‘. There will be 5 episodes that will air from 10 AM KST starting from the 17th.

I just want to quick comment the post and hand gesture in the photo, because it looks a lot like one CLC did:
I do not know if other girl groups have done this pose (most probably), and if this is a typical girl (group) pose. I am just merely commenting that is the same.

So over to what you all came for:

I fell in love with this song from the first few seconds! I really like that it starts off quite slow with some beat, then it gets a little faster and we get a little rap part as well! ♪☆\(^0^\) ♪(/^-^)/☆♪
Moreover, I really like that they have more than one rap part/verse in in the song. I have to say that their voices sounds absolutely lovely, and I just love the voice to the girl with bangs.

And readers, can we just talk about the dance? I really like it! They are really synchronized and it just have a “old school” vibe too it. I really like the “kiss me, kiss me” and “what you know about me, what you know about me” move.
♪┏ ( ・o・) ┛♪┗ (・o・ ) ┓♪┏(・o・)┛♪ And guuurl am I relived that this is not a too cutesy dance.

After reading some comments I am quite surprised that people did not seem too like the song and/or dance that much. I honestly think it is a good debut song. It could maybe have been a little more powerful when it comes to the vocal (but hey, they are debuting, it is not suppose to be perfect. They learn and gain experience as they get the opportunity too perform more). I found the song catchy and the dance seems some much fun!

And I just want to address the the issue with huk/hug. Though this is taken from the comment section, but I think it answers the confusion;
It’s probably a play on a words. Hug and 헉 sound a bit alike, and 헉 is a sound of surprise. Like a gasp? Like Block B did with Her and 헐. 헐 is also a sound of surprise, and it sounds like “her”, you know? This is mostly just a guess though.

The only problem I have with this debut song is the use of contact lenses. I know that Asians want their eyes to look bigger, and therefor often use big lenses and sometimes with colors too. Which they did in this MV and though the girls looks really pretty, I find it quit terrifying when they have a (individual) close up. And maybe the party scene where the members met the guys at the party was quite random. But maybe the guys are the ones the girls love?

So what is your thought on this debut song? Like it, why or why not? 🙂


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