MIWOO’s “Broken Doll” (못난이 인형)

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Belive it or not but Miwoo is a rookie, who is both a singer and songwriter. She is the first singer which Leessang, who is the best artist in Korea as well as hip-hop duo, is in charge of producing. On the 4th of September, aka today, is the day Miwoo makes an official debut with the first single titled “Broken Doll”. Did you know that she composed that song? Check it down below:

It was a coincidence the I came over this song. I saw the thumbnail and the tittle sounded mysterious, so I clicked on it. I did not really like the beginning at first (but now that I have heard the song a couple times, I am starting to like it), but I am glad that I kept listening to the song. I really like the chorus from “Come on girl you are beautiful”. But the way she pronounce it bugs me a little, beautifool.  (´ー`)

I have to say that the message in this song is beautiful, yet the lyrics itself can be a little hard to understand (at least for me). I do not really get what taking a lollipop from a stranger has to do with being who you are. The same goes for red hair and freckles. Moreover, at the end she sings “Don’t be a pretty girl. Don’t hide yourself anymore. Please keep yourself as who you are now”.
I interpret that sentence as we, girls (this goes for boys as well, but maybe there is a higher pressure towards girls, and Miwoo is addressing towards the girls in this song) has this standard of what “pretty” is, and tries to follow that instead of being who we really are.

Wait, I found the explanation for the song in the description box on youtube :p :
“The debut song [Broken Doll] is a medium tempo song with bright and cheerful rhythm singing the pitiful modern society, where is losing inner beauty and uniqueness by judging and restricting him/herself based on the definition and standards of beauty set by the world, compared to a broken doll”.
So it was somewhat what I thought the song was about 😛

I think the ending of the song was quite abrupt, it came out of nowhere. It misses something, in my opinion. And I actually think the singer suits the red bob hair, rather than the short white hair. But nevertheless her voice is quite powerful when it comes to the refrain, furthermore it sounds really pleasant and enchanting. 〜( ̄▽ ̄〜)(〜 ̄▽ ̄)〜

As always, tell me what your thoughts is about this newly debuted singer and song? I am definitive gonna keep an eye on her, and I can not wait till she sing this song live! 😀


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