One-shot recommendation: Ao to Umibe no Nostalgia

Ao to Umibe no NostalgiaEnglish tittle: Nostalgia for the Blue Seashore
Authors (Story & Art): Minamori, Koyomi
Genres: Romance, Shoujo

Synopsis taken from myanimelist:
A great summer storm has just passed through a small town by the sea. On the silver sands beneath the high azure sky lay scattered the debris washed ashore the previous night. And there is also a surprise awaiting the group of friends gathering curious objects there – a young girl named Chouko. She is local and even though she is not sure what happened to her, she remembers the little sleepy town very well… the way it was over eighty years ago.

I just want to say this right away: go and read the one-shot! This story is more than what it seems, and you will not regret it. But do be prepared for some feels! T^T

The author did an awesome job if you have in mind that this is a one-shot! I think it is amazing how she, with only one chapter, managed to reveal a “sad” background story, making the story progress as well as having a very suitable and satisfying ending. Note that it is a bitter sweet ending (∩︵∩)

There are hidden some clues here and there in the chapter, and you might have to use a little time to fully grasp what have been said, but nevertheless a very well written story!

Moreover, there is actually some character development in the one-shot. Most of the characters become stronger (I mean mentally) at the end of the story. But otherwise, we have the quite typical main lead, being this super nice and always smiling guy and the quite strong female lead.

Just ending this post with a quote from the one-shot: “Move on… a little bit at a time is alright”.

Spoiler comments:
– Grandpa Yoshi is definitive Akashi, the missing older brother! o(╥﹏╥)o The word he uses are not fit for an old man, the glasses he uses are still the same, he knows how to build a ship in a bottle, he is always researching about typhoons, but more importantly the sentence he says almost at the end “Then, I will give you back your baseball glove”.
– How Akashi turned old is not explained in the manga, and I really want to know it! I think it is sad that he has chosen to hide the truth from his family. But I hope that he manages to find a way to return to his original age and return to the family.
– I have to admit that I wished Chouko would come back and that they could live happily ever after > 3 <
– When Chouko was going to return home, shouldn’t the weather have been much worse? Because it was sunny and nice and not raining and windy, considering that they are in a typhoon?


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