G.E.M’s “新的心跳” (Xīn de xīntiào) aka New Heartbeat

G.E.M is really one of those artist I look up to. She writes and composes her own songs, sings in both Cantonese and Mandarin and not to mention that her English covers are dope! And admit it, she is so pretty too!   (●´ω`●)

G.E.M has stated in a interview that she wrote this song as a answer to some malicious comments about her, that people had been posting online. Therefor, the song is foremost targeting bullying, but I think the lyrics also fits when you feel like you have hit the rock bottom.

“So let us forget all this sadness
Open our scarred wings
And place crowns on ourselves
No matter how crazy this world gets
We are the phoenix rising from the flames
After being burnt developing new heartbeats”

Just like a phoenix reborn from the ashes, you my friend can pick yourself up and fly!

The English translation is taken from the video down below, check it out:

One thing I find a little funny in the MV, is that G.E.M looks really tiny when compared to everyone, even though she is about 160 cm XD


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