Ailee’s comeback: “Mind your own business” and “Insane”

Ailee is finally back, and she is releasing  her first full-length album, called [VIVID]. The album’s tracks cover various genres like rock ballad, ballad, retro soul, pop, and urban.

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The title song for this comeback is “Mind your own business”.

I have to say that Ailee looks really lovely at the beginning of the MV and with the red dress. Her hair, makeup and dress(es) is so classy!  (●´ω`●) She really suit that style! But the rest of the outfit, makeup  and hairstyle in the MV is not really my taste. They may suit for the character she is portraying in the MV, but nothing I would try wearing myself. I do not really like (her stylist version) of the messy beach hairstyle. To me it looks like something sticky got in her hair and she did not manage to get it out (╯_╰)

When it comes to the song, I have to say that it sounds very like her previous comebacks. It is not necessarily a bad thing, but at the same time it does not sound like something we have not heard before. The story is also quite alike, she gets dumped by her boyfriend, she gets stronger and takes revenge. Moreover, the MV does not really match the lyrics. For example the song is called “Mind your own business” and she sings “Don’t worry about me, mind your own business”, yet the character she portrays finds her ex-boyfriend (two times) and ruins his stuff. So I understand she wants to take revenge on him, but the lyrics says “I’ll leave you, turn around and walk away. I won’t regret it” yet gurl, you find him and trashes his stuff. I have to say that you are not handling this breakup in a mature way. I would say that he deserved it if he cheated on you, but we do not if he did that.

I have to comment that Ailee look quite funny at 1:19-1:20 and 1:24, when she confronting her boyfriend and getting dumped. Sorry gurl, I know you are in pain but that looks so awkward xD It was also funny when she tried to kick the door open, but you had to pull it (ᗒᗨᗕ) But you did well on the rest of the MV!

Two things that has bothered me a little in the video is: firstly the outfit for the head police officer. Why does she need to be dressed so sexy? -_- Second, when Ailee was busting herself out of the cell, how come the door to her friends also got unlocked? We see that she only unlocked her own cell and trying to sneak out, but suddenly the other cells got unlocked too (and they try to escape too) O.o
The last thing I am  going to comment on in the MV is: what kind of room does her ex-boyfriend live in? It seems like he has, or should I say had a nice car, but then he owns such cell looking room?

From what we can see of the dance in the video, it seems  quite cool. I really like the crush part! And Ailee’s voice is strong and powerful as ever!

I really have to give Ailee credits for carrying out the comeback, as well as performing even though she manage to break her leg! You go girl!(★^O^★)

I really admire that she can sing so strong while sitting. You can really see that she has practiced and worked hard for this comeback, because she is dancing very fiercely with her upper body! Just make sure you do not overdo it! ><

One of the song in her album called “insane” has gotten a MV:

I did not notice until now that they use the same setting for both MV’s. I have to say that I prefer this song better than “Mind your own business”. I think it is my first time hearing Ailee singing a slow song, which actually is quite slow and without to much beat. Her voice does not sound as harsh as when she sing more up beat song, maybe only a little when she sings “insane” but that is the only time. I also like that the video focuses more on the dance rather than having just at story, with close up shot and dance moves. It is refreshing!~(˘▾˘)~ A lot of the dance moves also carries the lyrics with them. And can I say that the guy is cute? XD I also love the height gap between them! As a short girl without a boyfriend ( T^T ), I have to say that I long for something like this, only without the broken up part of course.

Here is a live version of the song:

Ailee looks so beautiful! So pretty with her hair combed to the side and showing her long ear ring! The outfit is also ♥‿♥! I also really liked the stage, setting a nice feeling! The green color also really flatter her outfit.

I also found a video that contains all the songs from her album. I really like some of them, and I also read somewhere that she also composed some of song! Nice work Ailee!

So what is your thought on the comeback? Tell me in the comments! ^o^


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