TAEYEON 태연_ I (feat. Verbal Jint)

taeyeon 01

The main singer of Girls Generation Taeyeon is having a solo debut. On October 7th, the MV for her title track “I” was released. The track is a medium-tempo pop track that feature rapper Verbal Jint. Did you know that Taeyeon has contributed to the lyrics of the song? Talented! 😮

taeyeon 02

taeyeon 03

Oh my gosh, how pretty isn’t she? *O*


The MV is absolutely lovely! (♡´❍`♡)*✧ ✰ 。* The colors are so radiant, her outfits and makeup is so pretty and the nature and the sky/heaven is just stunning! Not to mention her voice, it is so strong and clear as ever!

I really love the lyrics! It has such a lovely message behind it, ecstatically in Verbal Jint’s (rap) part. It is so nice that the MV is playing out the lyrics. Furthermore, I like that the song has some beat but it is still quite slow ( ˊᵕˋ )♡.°⑅

There are already so many English subbed of the title track, even though the video just came out yesterday! :O I found this video to be the best one:

So I can not describe how much I like this song, and how pretty Taeyeon is!
(人´∀`*)I only wished that the setting for the video contained more autumn feeling, because everything is so green that it reminds me of summer/spring T^T However, Taeyeon is wearing clothes suited for autumn (maybe not the black shorts with the the top crop and the red scarp), and the skies do look quite cloudy and dark.
I just want to quick comment that the makeup she has, is the same as Soyou (from Sistar) has in her not so long ago solo/collaboration comeback. (Btw, do you guys want me to make a post about it? 🙂 ) It is actually inspired from Japan, and the key point to the makeup is that it should be light, as well as having “blushing/drank a little alcohol cheeks”. Because we all know that Asians can not handle alcohol #Asian Glow > <

So I believe the video has a hidden message behind it. It is actually about Taeyeon becoming/embracing being a celebrity. The waitress Taeyeon symbolize herself as a (just?) debuted star. She is doing her best, and working very hard, yet her hard work does not get recognized and she has to work even harder. This can also be interpreted in the lyrics “A new world you’re met could be cruel”. So she hangs in there, but haters are giving her a hard time, and she is starting to forget why she wanted to become a star. This is also portrayed in the lyrics: “forgotten dream, I draw it again in my heart”, “falling tears, I withstood another day again”. But then she have had enough, and starts to ignore the haters. This can be seen as she stands up to her boss, takes his keys (which technically is wrong O.O) and pushes the doors open and walks out in the street smiling. “I had a difficult time, but followed a small light”. I interpret the last scene as the left “innocent” Taeyeon gets to meat the fierce, star Taeyeon, symbolizing that she has found herself and is contented about it! 🙂

I also noticed that the hard working waitress Taeyeon had green-brown-ish eyes or brown eyes but after quitting her job, she got blue fierce eyes. I googled a little bit around and found out that the color blue can symbolize security and confidence, which she, according to my theory, gets after quitting her job and walks out in the streets 🙂

So this is just my theory of  what MV is about. I might be reading too much into it, but hey, there are no 100% correct answers when you interpret a piece of art right? 😉

And did you guys notice that Taeyeon’s brother is in the MV? 😀 I am not really familiar with her or GG in general, so it was my friend who told me about it.

Lastly, I want to know what your thought on Taeyeon’s solo debut? Like it, why or why not?


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