Spent my whole day watching “The Flower of Journey” ep. 41-50 (ᗒᗨᗕ)

If you have read my post about episode 1-40, along the way my mother started watching the drama with me. These past weekends, when I wake up I like to turn on the tv and just watch for maybe 30 min (I know I am lazy). So instead of watching the tv, my mother suggested that we continue “The Journey of Flower”, and only watch one episode. I told her that it was not going to happen,  but she insisted. And was I right! We ended up watching the show!! (≧∀≦) Screw homework right? :p

For the rest of the post, I want to talk about those episodes. So be prepared for spoilers!

Why, oh why did so many characters diiiiie?!( ͒˃̩̩⌂˂̩̩ ͒) ・゜・(ノД`) I was not prepared for the damn feeeeeeels!!!!。・゚’(*/益\*) ‘゚・。
I knew that Dong Fang would die (I had hoped for only getting really injured), because of the opening song (really, never watch the opening song no matter how curious you are, they always contains spoilers! Like spoilers you do not want to see! However, you should definitive hear the opening song though, it is so good!)

So this was basically my mom and me! I mean it, my mom cried too! (T⌓T)
“But…but..” *cries*
pokemon animated GIF   Source

I actually cried so hard when Dong Fang died! I cried more than when Sha Jie Jie died, and you guys know I really like him! o(TヘTo) I think it was partly because Dong Fang’s death was just awful and I though Sha Jie Jie really did not die, just resting… *sob*… to get his power back. And omg, when Qian Gu had the dream about him! I though he actually came alive again!


I really hate Ni Man Tian, and they way she blamed Qian Gu for the death of Tang Bao! Xiao Gu did not asked to be saved, it was something Tang Bao did on her own, and you just cold heartedly stab her?!(╬゚◥益◤゚) I could not hold my tears back, when Tang Bao said “Mother” for the last time and then closed her eyes *sob* *sob*. I did not think it was right for Qian Gu to kill Shi Yi. I know she did not stab him, and it was said that he was accidentally caught in it, but it somehow looked like when Xiao Gu transformed, Shi Yi got injured more compared to the others? Moreover, she blamed him for not taking care of her daughter. But we all know he did, and that Tang Bao was stubborn and persistent of finding Xiao Gu. We all know that ones a (stubborn) person makes up his/hers mind, there is no use stopping the person.
I will quickly state that I did not pity Man Tian when she died. She had done so many bad things, that she deserved it. However, I do not like death as a punishment, but for her, it was the only solution. I hope that if she meets Tang Fang, he will give her a long lecture! Furthermore, when Man Tian learned the forbidden technique/art were she not going to look like a man? I think her appearance should have become more frighting, because she is neither human nor ghost, if I remember correctly.

When Xiao Yue was dying, why did Xiao Gu only stand and watch?! At first I thought she could not move, but that was not the case. So he just took his farewell, and you are only going to watch?! Zi Hua, definitely should have told her that Xiao Yue did not die! Although I am a little confused on how it happened..

The death of Zi Xun was actually not that sad. She helped the one she loved, and by dying she does not need to suffer so much. However, it was suuuper sad when she had a flashback about the good old days with all five of them. I could not hold my tears back, and my mom were like: “Why are you crying? This ain’t sad”. But it was good that Zi Hua took away her “fallen” part..  (Lol, that explanation xD)

It was utterly heartbreaking when Qing Shui became wacky, and that Lang Gege’s hair became so grey and white T^T I really hated Qing Shui for telling Man Tian about the rescue plan, and all the awful things she said to Xiao Gu. She first said that love was not something that could be force, and then she curse Qian Gu for being born and that she had waited 3 years for Lang Gege. Like gurl, you chose it okey?! I get that it is frustrating that Qian Gu gets all the boys, but she has suffered a lot! So back off! -.- Plus, it is just heartbreaking that Lang Gege is going to spend the rest of his life taking care of a girl who does not even recognize her. When Qing Shui was sane, she did not want him to marry her because of sympathy, yet now even worse. He is taking care of her because of guilt and pity.

I feel sad on behalf of Zi Hua. He had so many chances to actually run away with Xiao Gu, yet he chose not to. The dialog between both of them when Qian Gu was dying was so heartbreaking and so meaningful at the same time. At first I did not understand why Zi Hua said he would give up everything for her, only love her, run away with her, and so on when she was dead. But then I read somewhere that he was so desperate  and would do everything to get her back, and it does make sense. I found it a super plot twist that the grumpy guy chose to save Xiao Gu. I actually liked that! But again, does this atone for all the wrong doing he has done?

Overall, I really enjoyed this show! But omg, too much feels these 10 episodes! T^T And let us agree that season 2 never exited! The voice for Sha Jie Jie is not the same (╬ Ò ‸ Ó), Qian Gu is not the same (though it does make sense, since she is her recantation, but then again. She should look more alike!), they are suddenly bringing back dead characters by giving ridiculous bad examples that does not support that they looked frigging dead, and it is hella confusing!


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