My (first) impression of Noragami S.2 Ep. 1-2

The tittle already tells what this post is going to be about. However a warning: the post will contain spoilers!

Starting from the opening and ending:
-is catchy (at first, I did not really like it, but now it is starting to become catchy).
-I like that the color that constantly can be seen is the color blue, especially since it is the color of Yato’s eyes, as well as my favorite color! (▰˘3˘▰) However, I like that when other characters are introduced, it is their color that is in focus.
-It shows that Yato and Bishamon used to have a chill relationship. I hope there is no love between them, I ship Yato and Hiyori!
– New enemies is showing up!(*゚ロ゚) Who are they? Σ(・口・)
– Hiyori gets a new uniform, starting high school, as well as entering enemy’s lair
– Who is the boy walking past her? (°o°:)
– We might see a little bit of Yato’s childhood? (If I am not mistaken, the little boy is him). Another question popping out: is that his shrine and offerings?
– Yato with a little ponytail is super cute and handsome!٩(♡ε♡ )۶

-Again, the color blue is in focus, as well as Yato! Yay! (´∀`)♡
-Kinda get a little Sailor Moon feeling where they walk, and then Yato starts to run. Wonder what meaning that shrine has. Okey.. so analyzing time. He starts off with having his friends around him, then somehow he is starting to be forgotten. He runs=trying to fight for someone to remember him. He finds light and shrine= someone remembers him and built him one (since he did not have one right now). So obviously this person has to be Hiyori as we can see in episode 2.
– Yato’s smile killed me! (♡´艸`)
– Getting some summer vibes from their clothes. They look good! ╰(✿´⌣`✿)╯♡
– I really like it! The song is slow, not too upbeat, and the singer’s voice is lovely!

Episode 1:
– I really like that we right from the first second of the anime get to know a little more about why Bishamon does not like Yato.
– Yato is still the same poor, funny, serious and easy to rip money off. The guy we all know and like! This also goes go for all the other characters, nothing has changed. They are all so funny and full of their own problems/burdens.
– Love Yato’s blushing face (towards Hiyori), which we have been able to see more off( ∩ˇωˇ∩)♡ ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
– I like that Hiyori is so chill about her soul slipping out from her body and simply just enjoys it. Moreover, I like that she can participate in taking down the phantoms with her awesome moves.
– Speaking of phantoms, when those eyes are popping out: still creepy as heck!
– I just get chills when Yato is about to do the final move on the phantom(s) (where he is drawing on sekki.) The soundtrack, background, him, Yukine, the art and voice acting. I love all of it! Moreover, I love the magic circle that pops out after killing the phantoms!
-The OSTs is really nice.
– It is nice to get to know Bishamon better (this arc is after all dedicated to her :p )
-It was awesome to see how she and her Shinki’s work together! But really, does she says all of that before slaying a phantom. Seems like a lot of trouble xD
– Heartwarming that she takes in torn spirits that can not become proper Shinki (I know they translate it at Regalias, but I like the word Shinki more)

Episode 2:
– So nice that Yukine got a friend! (though sad what happens to him)
– So funny how Tomone/Mayu and Tenjin-sama is bad mouthing Yato, right in front of his face (*≧▽≦)
– Suzuha had sucha a bitter-sweet crush (。•́︿•̀。)
– I actually like that Yukine does not have a worry free life. What I mean is that it is so much more realistic that he still have some issues with being a Shinki and worries that Hiyori will forget them.
– I have a question: what do they mean by Bishamon have not called their name. Like calling them forth, changing to their “true” form? Or just generally say their name when talking to them?
– I seriously hate that doctor!! How could he kill Suzuha?!(╬⓪益⓪)
– I like that Hiyori uses a different jacket. Not always wearing the same one.
– Yukine and Yato’s blushing face is so cute! σ(≧ε≦o)
– Yato texting Hiyori when Yukine and she is blushing at each other and she punishing Yato is so funny! “Is that you, track-suit?!” Hahaha! (*≧▽≦)
– It is a little sad that even though Bishamon’s Shinkis feel like a family, they still can not talk freely to her. What I mean is not that they cannot say whatever they want, but more like they do not want her to get worried and hurt their master. I think it is important that they know that Bisha (my nickname for her. Please spare my life o big mighty God!) is their master, but she must create a friendship relationship with them to really make them fell at ease and really feel like their existence has a meaning. Like the relationship between Yato and Yukine.
– How did Bisha get blighted, yet it disappeared (and appeared again)? Why were there not any phantom on the doctor and maybe the pink girl? (・□・;)
-Yato fights so well even without Yukine! Go teach that murderer Shinki some dicipline!!(;`O´)o

Side note: I love that in in the next episode we might already see a confrontation between Yato, Bisha and Yukine!(◔ฺo◔ฺ)

Overall impression: I LOVE IT!! Nothing to complain about! Just wished there were more episodes out! T^T

What was your impression? Tell me below! (⌒▽⌒)☆


2 thoughts on “My (first) impression of Noragami S.2 Ep. 1-2

  1. I love Noragami ! It’s obvious Yato and Hiyori already like each other but can they be together forever ? And how wil Hiyori’s parents take this relationship , just in case. I can’t wait to watch the ending. Netflix has Season 1, but no Season 2 yet.



  2. Yay, fellow Noragami fan! ^w^
    It’s true that they certainly have feelings for one another, though I am pretty sure they are not fully aware of it. (It has been quite a while since I finished watching season 1 and got a little too caught up in the opening yesterday with a Bisha and Yato moment xD )
    I bet Yato and Hiyori are going to face (a lot of) obstacles, but then live happily ever after 😛 I don’t think Hiyori’s parents are going to be a problem, because they don’t really notice Yato’s presence.


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