Noragami season 2!

Ohmygod, ohmygod, ohmygod!!! Noragami season 2 has finally started!!


I have waited so long, and I am so excited!! Our beloved characters is ones again back, and I can not wait!

If you are wondering what the second season is about, check out this post.
Side note: *Ahem* *ahem* sorry for not having written a review for the first season. I thought it would be better to write it right before the second season started to air. Unfortunately, time flew by and I forgot about it V.V I will write one as soon as I can, promise!

Urg, it is so annoying that my sister is not hyped about it at all! (˃̶᷄︿๏)I could accept if she was: “Oh really? So good for you :)” But nooo, she is just giving me the “okey” face! >3<


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