Closer by Oh my girl (오마이걸)

[CLOSER] is OH MY GIRL 2nd mini album, which has a mysterious and dreamlike look. The tittle track that came out 7th October has also the name “Closer”. Check it down below:

From the description box on youtube:
The title ‘CLOSER’ talks about a pure girl who doesn’t know anything. It is a song that talks about her desperate feeling towards someone with a dreamlike code and instrument structure, along with a touching melody.

You guys might know that I am not too into girl groups. I do love Sistar, like 4minute and have an eye on CLC. Otherwise I do not follow any girl groups and I focus more on the song rather than the group. However, I instantly fell in love with “Closer”! The reason is because it is not the typical girl group song you hear, which is either bubbly and sweet or sexy. (Not long ago “bad girl” image has also started to become popular.)

The song is a ballad, yet it has some beat to it. Moreover, you can definitive hear some of the despair when the girls are singing. Especially at 2:29  when she sings “Can you hear my cry”. It is no surprise that I love that part the most! ♥╭╮♥
I love the harmonization of the girls voice, and the rap part was also very nice. I do miss a little more power in the rap, as well as a little more of her own rapping style. And do I dare to say that I wished they sang with a little more power as well? Nevertheless, a very nice song which I would love to see other girl group do as well!

The MV and the dance was also just fab! (♥ω♥*) I do not plan on analyzing the Mv, but if someone is confused comment below and I will try to give you an explanation 😉
I really love the fairy tale and mystical theme! (๑♡⌓♡๑) However, I have to say that I was a little disappointed with their dance outfit and hairstyle. I believe they tried to keep it simple so we would/could pay attention to the dance instead, which of course is not bad, but too me it was a little boring. Moreover, it became a little hard trying to distinguish them. If they did not want to have too different haircuts, they should have had different hairstyles or some have hair accessories while others do not. I also think it would have been nice if they had different collars, like some with pearl, other pallets or so on.

When it comes to the dance, they are very synchronized and powerful. Good job Oh my girl! (✿◠‿◠) The dance moves was on beat and some even reflected the lyrics. I really like that! I also appreciate that the facial expressions to the girls was rather normal. They were not smiling, which many kpop idols tend to do (even though they are singing about breakup..) But maybe a little more expression when there is a close up shot/they stand in middle would have been good.

All in all, I have been quite picky on “closer” and on Oh my girl, but I definitive like both the dance and the song! It is refreshing and something you do not hear everyday (even though I hope other girl groups would sing songs like this as well). The MV is thrilling and beautiful, as well as carrying a little sad message   (●´ω`●) ●︿●

Down blow is a performance version of the song, go check that out as well! 🙂


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