“Bad girl” by Kris

The MV for Kris’s new song “Bad girl” is finally out!
Check it out down below:

Being honest here, I did not really have any big expectation of the MV after seeing the trailers. I think the MV was just messy and did not really convey the message in the song. Moreover, Kris is a handsome guy but the stylist did not enhance that at all! I also think the opening with the girl was just awkward. Not to mention the bathroom breakdown..

According to allkpop: “In the MV, Kris comes across a number of “bad girls,” who break his heart. As previously mentioned, the former EXO member has taken on the image of the guy every girl wants to date, singing “cause you are… a bad girl.” I personally think it looks like he is the one being bad. Going from girl to girl, and then tries to confront a girl at the party. Which clearly did not work…

However, I do love the song! I was a little skeptical when I first found the audio for the song, I mean the song is called “Bad girl” after all. I also when he is singing in English, as well as the second rap part! (♥ω♥ ) ~♪

Over all I really liked the song, and the lyrics is actually very well thought, however, the MV did disappoint me!

Check out the the song with English subtitles down below:



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