VIXX’s chained up

VIXX is finally back with their second full album! The LP consist of 9 new song with their former title tracks “Error” and “Eternity” as well as a Korean version of the song “Can’t say”

I will share a little funny story with my fellow ST☆RLIGHTS out there. I did not expect VIXX to have a comeback this month, so when I saw that the MV was out I was thrilled! I clicked on the video anticipating for another awesome comeback … until I realized it was the teaser!! Oh well.. T^T

I think the MV is suppose to show how they are feeling “Chained up” by the girl they like, since we see a girl at the beginning of the MV. This is just wild assumptions since I do not understand Korean one bit and have not searched up the English lyrics for the song  > < But you have to admit both Hongbin sitting on the floor with water and Ken in a flower bed is really a treat for the eyes XD :p

 I am a little surprised that they went for a more sexy concept, though they absolutely nailed it! I do miss a more dark and heavier up-beat song, so this comeback was not catchy enough for me, however “Chained up” is slowly growing on me. I do like the the chorus with “Freeze amor down nananana~” and not only because of Leo’s body roll ( ♥‿-)

I have to say that the dance moves at the beginning are on beat, but it looks kind of funny as well XD Nevertheless, the dance itself was as synchronized as ever, but maybe not as powerful like the other comebacks? Nonetheless, I can not really complain with all those fans service moves as well as the chained up moves! (。♥‿♥。) The move at 2:31 (from the live, linked below) is one taken from “Hyde” as well as used in “G.R.8.U” if I am not wrong, aaah the nostalgia!

I like that Hongbing starts the song with his quite deep voice, as well as Hyuk getting more lines! Furthermore, I like the little rap intervention between Hongin, Hyuk and Ravi.

Going over to their hairstyles and clothes, is it only me who think Leo does not really suit being blond? I think he looks so much more handsome with darker hair color because he is quite pale. I also think Ravi and N could have gotten so much better styles. Ravi does looks good with his hair up like in the live above, but not like flat beachy hairstyle like in the MV.

I am not quite sure what I think about their costume, the only suit without shirt is not really my taste I guess. Though I will not complain that Leo has a deeper V-neck. I just think they look  better with more normal clothes (like we see in the MV).

A happy news for both VIXX and ST☆RLIGHTS: On November 1o “Chained up” won on the “The Show”! Source  Congrats VIXX, you guys deserved it! 😀  I will not reveal anything, but you should definitive check out their performance after receiving the trophy!!  (●´ω`●) Too bad we do not see the whole performance V_V


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