My thoughts on Noragami Aragoto epsiode 3-9

School have finally calmed down ( ᐛ )و I only have one exam left! Even though that is my hardest subject, I deserve a day to recharge. Therefore, I have used the afternoon to catch up to some anime! ≧◡≦
Following post will be comments on Noragamis Aragoto episode 3-9  and it will contain spoilers!

Episode 3:

  • I hate the doctor!!! (╬⓪益⓪)
  • How come Bishamon does not see that Kazuma only wants what is best for her?
  • Yato’s and Hiyori’s blushing face is the best! They are so cute!  (●´ω`●)
  • I like that Hiyori wanted to fight as well when they were confronted by Aiha.
  • I hope nothing bad happens to Kazuma, but I am really glad that he got to know that the doctor is the enemy!

Episode 4:

  • I just love Yato’s pissed face! Ike Yato!!  (`Д´)
  • Omg, YUKINE!!! (๑o̴̶̷̥᷅﹏o̴̶̷̥᷅๑)ᵒᵐᵍᵎᵎᵎ

Episode 5 and 6:

  • It was absolutely beautiful when Yukine turned into a Blessed vessel! Before Yato cuts the phantoms, his posing kind of looks like the one Sailor Moon does xD
  • Yato should have listened when Bisha and her shinki’s said they didn’t take Hiyori.
  • The battle music was awesome!
  • I could not help but shed some tears when Bisha held Kazuma and cried! However, would not Kazuma have been blighted more when telling the story?
  • Why did not anyone or Hiyori go check on Kazuma after he had been slashed by Bisha? O.o
  • I think Hiyori should have been weaker. Her cored was fading and she was quite weak. I understand that wanting to meet Yato gave her some strength, but I think that would have disappeared after her being reunited with him.
  • I am a little dissatisfied that no one tried to find help sooner when the masked phantom was attacking the mansion. However, I am glad that Bisha ended everything.
  • Bisha looks really good with her hair to the side. How does she maintain so long hair? xD
  • It was good that Aiha understood what she did wrong, as well as going successful through an ablution.
  • Both Kazuma and Bisha looks really good with their formal attire! ^3^

Episode 7:

  • Yukine looks so good with his new cloths!
  • I would like to hear what Tenjin answered after Hiyorin said she still wanted to be beside Yato > 3 <
  • It was so heartwarming when Yato started to cry over the shirine Hiyori build for him, even though it was a little lopsided :p
  • Why does Ebisu have so many phantom mask? :O

Episode 8:

  • So glad that Yukine is working so hard for both himself and Yato!
  • I hate that Yato has to kill people again! I guess this was also the answer to how he could survive for so long.
  • It was awesome how he remembered Hiyori and Yukine and fought those wolfs barehanded! \(>o<)ノ
  • I have to say that Yato looks good in the yukata! ♥‿♥ Wished it had his little ponytail as well! ^w^
  • Who is this “father”?

Episode 9:

  • Yukine’s jumpsuit looks good! 😀
  • Hiyori do not forget Yato and Yukine!! (⌯˃̶᷄ ﹏ ˂̶᷄⌯)
  • What did Ebisu mean “I was glad to see you Mother”?
  • And oh no you did not just kiss Hiyori?! Her first kiss was suppose to be with Yato!! (;≧皿≦)
  • I really hope Yato can cut all ties with Nora and “father” and their nasty business!

I can not believe I have to wait almost a week for the next episode! ( ͒˃⌂˂ ͒) Moreover, there are only 4 episodes left of this season!! (✖✖) How is it going to end and will they make a season 3? They have to make a season 3!!


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