Nominated for the Three-day Quote Challenge

I have been nominated for this challenge for months, and I am so sorry I never managed to upload it sooner. I want to thank Raven Fern for nominating me! ^o^

Here are the rules (but I will only follow the last one since it took me so long before I could do this):

  • Post one quotation a day for three days (they can be from other sources or one of your own).
  • Nominate 3 other bloggers to participate per post.
  • Thank the blogger who nominated you.

Quote 1: “Do not leave what you can do today for tomorrow”

This quote is firstly targeted to school, but it does apply everything else :p And I know, I know. This is such a boring quote which we all know and should follow. However, as a hard procrastinator I have often had to deal with the consequences of.. yeah procrastinating, which of course my own fault. But learn from my mistakes people!

You never know what tomorrow will bring, and not having (school) stuff hanging over your head is the best feeling. Moreover, not getting the grade/result you wanted is always frustrating, especially if you know you could have done better if you used the time more efficiently.

Quote 2:

 When you are a teenager and trying to figure what hobbies you like and so on, it can be very discouraging liking something the majority do not like/ do not have interest in/ have negative association with.

When I was around the age of 13 and 14, neither manga, anime or kpop was popular where I lived. Most people had not heard of it, and if there were persons who had these interest, they were hard to approach (because they acted immature. I am only saying that the ones I encountered was like that). However, when I really got into manga it was not something I talked about with others, I tried to keep it as a secret. It was my guilty pleasure, kind of sad is it not?

I especially remember when Girls Generation became popular with “The boys” and a guy in my class would put it on the smartboard before class started. It was meant as a prank on the teacher, and he just chose the first suggested on top videos. At that time I was still new to kpop, but I got thrilled because I recognize that they were SNSD, but then I noticed that most people from my class really skeptical to it and maybe even laugh a little. Their reaction discouraged me a lot to be open about it, another guilty pleasure.

However, as you might have understand from my blog I never stopped reading manga, watching anime and listening to kpop. What I am trying to say that if you like something, just keep on liking them. What other thinks dose not concern you, and why should you stop if you like it?  Do not feel discourage and stop liking something just because the majority does not have the same interest as you. In the end, it is only going to matter you! 🙂 Moreover, you might never seen them again, and they might not even remember you.

Quote 3:

 Do not give up! If you feel like you have hit rock bottom, it can not get any worse. You do not need to rush, just take it slow and it will be better, I promise!

If it is about school: nobody is perfect. Stop comparing yourself to others, you are stronger in some areas/subject than other people/subject. You can do it! Everyone fails/get a bad grad throughout life. You will not get better unless you make mistakes and learn from them.

So there you have my three quotes (they count as quotes right? XD) The ones I have chosen might be a little boring and something people tell you or you hear all the time. However, I  want other people who feel insecure or have a hard time to know that it is all a part of living. It took some time for me to be confident about liking manga, anime and kpop. It might sound silly. But we have all something we struggle with, and you my friend will also overcome it! 😉


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