ChoA from AOA’s “flame”

ChoA is not debuting as a solo artist with a solo album, but has participated in the project called re;turn. The project is a special remake album to make a new version og popular rap songs in the past. The first song that was chosen to start the project was “Flame”, realeased in 2006 and original sung by Jang Hye Jin feat Gary.

ChoA’s version:

It seems like the girl in the Mv is a vampire, who dreams about going outside in the sun. It appears that she has kidnapped and injured a guy, maybe her previous  boyfriend? It seems like she totally lost herself when the moon became red and maybe killed or heavily injured the guys, as her hands is covered in blood. The end is a little bit confusing as we first see her getting hurt by walking out in daylight, but then it ends with her looking out the window when it is raining.

Nevertheless, ChoA’s voice was powerful and she also looked really good in the MV! ^^ Overall a nice and powerful song.

Down blow is the original song:


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