Dalshabet’s “Someone like U”

The first kpop review/ recommendation of 2016! 😀
There is no secret that I am more into boygroups than girlgroups. However, Dalshabet’s new song “Someone like U” is my new jam :3  The funny thing is that I actually just clicked on the MV because it was the first video that popped up after going into youtube.

I like that the song start a little mysterious, and then becoming this fun and bubbly song. Moreover, it is catchy and does not sound too girly! Do you also get some 90s vibe from it? 🙂 Moreover, I like that there is a smooth transition between the chorus and the rap. It is also cool that the rapper also sings! 😀

We do not see much of the dance, but it seems that the choreographer are keeping it simpel. Nothing too amazing, but at the same time the dance seems fun and doable even for me! 🙂 Like the move down below:

Source for the gif

I do like that some moves enhance the beat.
When I first saw this move:
[MV] Dalshabet(달샤벳) _ Someone like U(너 같은)
I immediate though that it was the girls version of Bts move from run xpkorean, run, and dance imageSource for gif

The sets are colorful and I really like the one where they are in a room. Though I do not see how the gym setting fits into the song, and also a little embarrassing seeing their individual shots on that set. I also found it a little bit weird that their pistol fired confetti and not water. I really thought they were water pistol and they were going to soak the guy as a revenge xD

The makeup and hair was on point! I really love the outfits, but I must say that I think the first outfit does not suit the vibe of the song. The song is cute and a little girly, while that outfit screams hip hop.

Overall I think this was a good comeback. The song is different, it is catchy and not too girly while the dance seems simpel. I will keep an eye on Dalshabet from now on 😉

Lastly I am linking a live performance of the song. You can learn who is who at the beginning of the video 😉 The fans that are screaming in the background sounds dying XD


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