BTS Suga’s tweets last week

On Monday 11th allkpop wrote an article called: “BTS leaves fans curious with a stream of posts on their official Twitter”. The author then writes:
“Ever since yesterday, BTS (namely SUGA) has been leaving an endless stream of posts on their official Twitter account that left us scratching our heads in puzzlement. From reading the Tweets, it appears as though SUGA took some time off to reflect on himself and organize his thoughts. Though it still isn’t 100% clear what these Tweets were in reference to, if there is one thing that’s for certain, it’s that SUGA had a lot on his mind. ”

The reason why I am writing this article, is because unlike what the author of that post from allkpop stated , at least I and many other people in the comments easily understood what those Tweets were referering too. I mean come on allkpop, “[…] That’s why there was a place I absolutely must visit. During my time off, I went to Kobe. Many tried to stop me but had I not gone, I wouldn’t have been able to face myself. So I forced my way over to Kobe”.

If you did not really know why Min Yoongii wanted to visit Kobe, a little research on google would have given you the answer right away. However, the main reason I wrote this post was not to complain on allkpop, but rather showing what an amazing person Min Yoongi is!

I do not know how it is to be a celebrity, but being a fan of different groups I know that they have to live up to many expectations and work soooo hard. While it is true that their job is to entertain us, they are also human. Celebrities have their own (private) life and most of all they are not perfect (even though they look and act like it).

The fact that Min Yoongi got so upset over that he could not stand on the stage really shows how much he likes it and make me have even more respect for him! If I had bought a ticket to the concert I would most likely be disappointed , but ultimately I would want BTS to be in good health!

So to Min Yoongi: Thank you for being a flawed human being and embracing it! Thank you for being awkward at expressing yourself, but still trying your hardest! Thank you for caring about your fans! And lastly thank you for simply being you and doing your best! You are a human like everyone of us, we do not blame you for getting sick. Everyone gets sick! However, I hope that after this trip you can become even moer confident in yourself and on stage! We ARMY supports you in every way! Min Yoongi fighting!



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