G-friend’s “Rough”

Another good girl group comeback in 2016! 🙂
So as the tittle suggest, the rookie group G-friends is back with their third mini-album called “snowflake”. The name is suppose to represent G-friend’s group identity, which is pure, maybe fragile but bright and beautiful. 

Check the MV down below:

The opening sound like your typical girl group, however, I got surprise over the beat! I thought this was another slow beat song, but turns out to have a very fast beat, and maybe a little too fast on some parts (at least I feel it sounds a little rushed).
The lyrics are your typical one side love song, however what make this a good comeback is that the vocal is on point and strong. The chorus is also catchy. Not to forget the dance,  it is not focusing on being cute or sexy, just powerful with some ballet inspires moves? 🙂 I really like the moves at the beginning and the clock dance at the end  ~o(^^o)(o^^)o~

I am really jealous of their outfits! I have never worn a school uniform, even though I really wanted!! T^T That is what you get for living in Scandinavia, sigh.. However, I like that it is a “no make-up to little make-up” look. Their hairstyles are simple, with little to no updo. The settings are also very nice and calming to look at 🙂

Just a little comment on the whole song, does anyone else get a drama ost from this song? XD

Overall a really good comeback from G-friend!! Keep slaying girls! 😀


Edit: choreography version have now been released 🙂 They have also won 5 times at Inkigayo!! :O




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