“Hate” by 4minute

4Minute is back with their new EP “Act7”. The music video for their tittle track “Hate” was released on 31 of January. The track was actually composed by Skrillex himself!

Check it out down below:

I really love the beginning of the song with Gayoon’s soft voice then Hyuna’s and Jihyun rap, followed by Sohyun’s part bringing the beat up. The beginning simply draws me in. However, then the chorus starts, which I do not think fits the song. It feels like they are build up the song, but then they do not deliver the blow (if you guys understand what I am trying to say).

However, the nature setting in the MV is very pretty. I was just thinking that the solo shot of Jihyun surrounded by red yarn, could represent the red string of fate, and by cutting it with the scissors she has ended her relationship with the guy.

The the girls are beautiful as ever in the MV. Although their makeup and hair for their individual shots were gorgeous, there were a few hairstyles I was no that pleased with for their group shots. I do not think Sohyun suits bangs and I have some mixed feelings about Jiyoon’s curly hair . Not that fan of Hyuna’s sunglasses either.
Even though I really like Hyuna’s crazy look, I think it does not suit the concept. (It was perfect for their last comeback “Crazy”, but for this one she should have tried to look more angry). But it is good to see her with black hair again ^^
Nevertheless, one thing I find a little funny is when 4minute is wearing baggy jeans and sweater, the background dancers are wearing tank top and shorts 😛 But I think it is refreshing to see girl groups not wearing super fitting clothes and high heels.

Down below you can find the song with English subtitles:


I have not seen any live performance of the song before I was trying to pick out which one I was going to post on my blog. I did not want to listen to the song before writing the post, because it would most likely affect my feelings towards the song. What I mean is that it will grow on me the more I listen to it, and I did not want that to affect my first impression of the song (because then this post would not be that real I think).

In the end I chose this comeback stage. I like the outfits, makeup and hairstyle on them all, specially the accessories (the rings and the ribbon necklace Gayoon is wearing). I heard that it is actually Gayoon who have been styling 4minute since “whatcha doin”. I think that is so cool! 😀 However, in at least two live performances Gayoon have worn a tank top on top of a baggy t-shirt, and I honestly do not think it looks that good. It is kind of weird that she makes every other member wear so fashionable cloths, yet when it comes to herself it is kind of weird. However, I think it is cool that she is experimenting with the outfits.

I was a little curious on how the dance would unfold when they where going to perform it live, since it seems like they are bouncing quite a lot and that would at least make be out of breath. Still, they nailed every single one of the performances! Good job girls!! \(○^ω^○)/

The last think I want to mention in this post is a concerning a comment I saw on the MV for “Hate”. It seems that 4minute have considered disbanding. It seems that they Their contract with Cube entertainment is expiring this year. Therefore, the outcome of this comeback will have some impact on their decision. (Source) Even though I am not a hard core fan of them, I really hope they do not disband! So readers and 4nias (if I am not mistaken, that is what the fandom is called) let us support 4minute to the fullest!
4minute fighting!!( •̀ᄇ• ́)ﻭ✧


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