I just saw the northern lights!! (for the first time!)┌╏ º □ º ╏┐

The clock is 00.10 right now and I just came home after seeing the northern lights for the first time!! :O

I will update you guys tomorrow, gotta go back to showering :p

So  I was taking a shower, I literally had just got into the shower and was dripping wet from the neck to my toes when my sister was knocking on the bathroom door and screaming “You can see the northern lights!!” I did not really belive her (because we are living in Western Norway, and usually northern lights are occuring in the north) Nevertheless, I hurried out of the bath with only a towel around me and looked out the balcony (and of course I did not mange to see anything V_V). Then I ran back to the bathroom, frantically tried to wipe the water off and put on some cloths. After that I ran out to where my sister were followed by our mom XD We first stood at a football field of gravel (right in my neighborhood), where there a less light. There I (clearly) saw the northern lights for the first time! ≧◡≦

We did try to find places with less lighting, so we were running all over the neighbor. In the end we decided to up a (small) mountain that were close by. Because when the blood moon occurred, me and my mom went there and all the lights were off. However, this time all the lights were on, and the northern lights had started to be less visible. We went up the mountain a little, trying to find a dark spot. When we found one place that were pretty dark, I just laid down on the snow (yes, there is still snow on the mountains) and just looked up at the night sky and the northern lights!(✿◠‿◠)

I unfortunate do not have any picture of it. When we went out to see the northern lights, it had already passed it strongest phase, so it was green but not super dark green. However, I later logged into Facebook and saw that a former classmate of mine had managed to take photos of the northern lights, from his home (which were pretty close to the mountain and we most likely had passed it, but there were still lights outside), so this time the northern lights was really strong. It is a pity that I missed when it was super bright, but I still got to see northern lights, so I am not complaining at all!!(●´ω`●)

Even though it was a little hectic, running all over the place trying to find a good spot to see the northern lights, this is an experience I never will forget! I hope that one day I can be able to go to northern part of Norway and see really clear and strong northern lights! ^^



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