(Kpop) comebacks this week

We are right now in week 10 🙂  I just had an oral exam yesterday ಥ_ಥ which was the reason for my lack of blogging. (I also had one on the 26 of February T_T) However, now that I do not have any exam until May, I have lots of posts to write. Please look forward to them! (Even though I might be a little late with kpop comebacks and so on, but I have many song I want to share with you guys so please bear with me being a little late).

So back to what this post is really about! 😀Was yesterday (March 8) a date of luck for Koreans? Because four MV’s was released! XD

One of the song that was released was Fiestar’s “Mirror”.
Fiestar is back with their second mini-album [A Delicate Sense]. They are expressing the complicated emotions of going through a relationship.

1theK writes:
“The title song “Mirror” is a synth pop genre track about the sorrows of breaking up. The members portray the emotions from a break-up in a rather mellow, not too dramatic way. The honest lyrics, from honest thoughts after looking in the mirror, sung in the members’ charming voices, sound sentimental and even sexy”.

I was really surprise over this song! (In a good way of course 😉 ) The first few seconds did not really catch my attention, but I am glad I kept listening, because I love the beat at 0:20 (though it is the same beat as in one of their previous comeback “You’re pitful”.) I also really like the setting, it really looks like their are at the bottom of a ocean. (which many might feel after a breakup). Either way a clever use of lights, colors and sand ! 😀 Their other setting is very beautiful, but dark which again reflects the message in the song.

The rap part was really dope (which I again did not expect, because I am unfortunately not familiar with Fiestar V_V)…. but wait there is not just one rap verse, but two!! I think that is not really common in kpop, unless you have two rappers. I actually think this is my first time hearing the same rapper rap two times in a song! It was a nice surprise and of course I love it (specially the second rap)!! \( ̄ー\)(/ー ̄)/

When it comes to the rest of the song; I really like the chorus! I was a little anxious if they where going to belt out high notes at the end (which is the usual kpop pattern), so I was glad they did not do that. The only two thing I would change when it comes to the song is that I would have hold the last note a little longer. The way it ends now seems a little too abrupt. The member could also maybe have more empathy when singing. Or at least for those part when they are begging someone to save them and so on.

I have to say that I was a little skeptical and maybe disappointed with the dance. I think it was too sexy, with the thought that this song was suppose to be about breakup. Most of the dance moves did not reflect the lyrics. However, when they did it was perfect, either moving with the rhythm or it was moves the mimicked the lyrics. Maybe the sexy moves was trying to fit with how the members might sounded sexy? 😛

To conclude: A catchy, not too slow song. Very nice vocals and awesome (two) rap verse! 🙂 The members could maybe have sounded a little more sad and maybe even a little more despair. Nevertheless, the members are very beautiful with makeup fitting for the concept. The settings is also very visual, reflection what the song is about. The dance in my opinion could have been less sexy. Overall, a very good comeback from Fiestar! 😀

I also wanted to include a live performance:

I just want to comments that: most of the members vocal are strong live, and I think it is sung with more empathy (maybe because they are also moving at the same time XD). I do think the stylist should have coordinated the styles more. You clearly see that every member is wearing navey blue and white, however the outfits should have a theme. Now we have one wearing classy dress, one hip hop and the rest casual. I read in the comments that Yezi, the rapper, is just being herself with not wearing feminine clothes. And I think it is bold of her, just like how Amber from f(x). However, I do think they should have coordinated the close more.

So over to the next song. It is Lee Hii’s “breath”, which is her tittle song for her new album “Seoulite”

For the first time you are listening to the song, please either listen to the song while you are watching the video or close your eyes.

If you are wondering what the lyrics are, here you go:

I chose this video of the three subbed videos that are uploaded on youtube now, because I felt that this translation was not a direct translation. Rather than trying to translate it word for word, this version (though all made sense) had more flow between the sentences and convey the message between the lyrics best. Moreover, the MV is also included in the video (even though it is cropped a little) , which almost nobody does which is a little sad > < I like to be able to read the lyrics while I am watching the MV.
Either way, a big thanks to all the English translators out there! ^^

The MV itself is so aesthetically. So beautiful shots of Korea (?) and people living their everyday life (and even having some struggles?). Lee Hi looks absolutely gorgeous, with natural makeup and dark brown hair (However, I think a hair color a shade lighter would have fit her better, at least when she is wearing all white cloths. I think the contrast makes her look way too pale).

When it comes to the song, being honest, I thought it was yet another break up song. The second time I listened to the song (the first time I only listened for a min to see what it was like and weather I wanted to include it in my post or not XD ) , I kept thinking to my self: if this is a break up song, you have to sound more hurt.
Again, I am not too familiar with Lee Hi, however I have heard her previous songs (which was good, and I replayed them a few times) and I know she has a special voice and can sing with even more feelings.
However, as I was listening to the song I got the feeling like she was cheering me on. Like a mother comforting her child, so gentle and warm. I had to look up at the lyrics and I was surprise. It is such a powerful comfort song! We all need at least one song that will help us cheer up and give us strength to stand up again and keep fighting when life does not goes as planned, this is definitely a song you should add to that list! The song really is amazing!

The third son is “ToDay” by JJCC:

After watching and listening to the song, the first think I thought was: ultimate get out of friend-zone song! XD

(Again), I am not too familiar with the group. However, I find it funny that they went from a more bad boy concept to cute, flower boy concept. It is usually reverted 😛 However, I think it is a nice change and nobody are saying they have to stick to only one. It is good that they are experimenting! 🙂

I like that the video starts off with introducing each member (it is very useful for me, who most of the times listen to the song rather than following specific groups). Do notice that one member, Prince Mark if I am not wrong, is not presences because he is recovering from an injury.

The song is very catchy, and best of all not too cute! The song really speaks for all people in friend-zone, go send this song to your crush. Right now! I really like the whole song, though it got the typical composed.

It was quit clever to make the MV like a webtoon. It is (mostly) every girls dream to  wake up to cute and hot guys smiling at you and giving you gifts, lol :p The settings were colorful and fit the song perfectly. I love the boys energy and the dance seem so fun! 😀

But, when it comes to the styling and makeup.. I am not too sure about that.. First of all, the girl have waaay too much blush on her. Second of all, I know that Koreans reeeeeally like some of the features people from Europe have. However, I think the guys looks so unnatural in the video (the deep blue contacts specially makes me a little uncomfortable). All of them are in their 20s (even late 20s), they could tone down the makeup a little bit, specially the pink lips. Moreover, NO to the turtle neck shirt!! Other then that, I really like this comeback! 🙂

The last song is “Night Drive” by 이채언루트 (Echae en Route)

What should I say? First of, the song is in English!! 😀 Second of all, I feel like this is something you could hear from the radio, not very kpop like. However, a very calming song! Everything fit so well together, from the beats, the voice (of the singer), the back up to the MV.


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