Japanese version of “Run” by BTS

What a perfect end on a Friday! ♥‿♥ I did not expect BTS to release a Japanese version of “Run”. (Though it does makes sense, since they have released a Japanese version of their previous comebacks.) I was so shocked and exited when I first saw the video under my subscriptions (on Youtube). Please check out the video down below:


Even though I know that the song is suppose to be in Japanese, I actually got shocked when the lyrics were not the same. I know that sounds silly, but until know we have only heard the Korean version (and I did not know what the lyrics were for this version).

I do not know if it was because I heard the song with ear telephones that I usually do not use, but I though all of them sounded a little different. Like they had changed the pitch or something. After repeating the song now, while writing this post (and most likely gotten used to the ear phones), I think they sound better. However, Jimin still does not sound like himself!! What did they do to his voice? ╚(•⌂•)╝ ಠ▃ಠ I also think Rapmon sounds less husky/deep in the beginning. But I think that is normal, as we sound a little different when speaking different language.

Suga’s dream, dream, dream and ill, ill, ill did surprise me a little. But the way he says the words are sexy af! (ΘεΘ) And he was so hawt with those shattered mirror!
At one point I though Jin sounded more sexy in this version, but I actually think he need to work a little more with the flow in his sentences. Though you are still as handsome as ever, princess!~ (╯3╰)
V totally creeped me out with the murder look (though it does suit him > <). Moreover, his voice really shines in this version.
J-hope, (I am your hope, your angel, J-hope) nailed not only his part, but the dance as always. I actually think he is the only one that sounds (almost) just like in the Korean version.
And finally we have come to kooki. Damn that smol child!! He is too hot!!♥╭╮♥ Did you even see that sly, smug smile at 2:26?!

The MV was just like the Korean version, full off mystery and so much can still be analysed. The only thing that annoyed me a little (beside what they did to Jimin’s voice) was that they sometimes would lipsync, then in the next second they did not. I think they focused more on the dance performance (which of is just good!),  but please at least lip sync the whole sentence and not just half of it.

Overall: it was so nice seeing them in “Run” concept one more time, with their clothing (with some changes) and Suga’s and Jimin’s colorful hair! 😀 Too bad Pinkmon’s hair was not that Pink. As always they slayed the dance (and looking hot af)! ★~(◠△◕✿) Their Japanese sound very good too me! However, what did they do to sexy Jimin’s voice?! ಠ益ಠ The MV was also just perfect with the colors, lightning, angles and all the messages that can be analysed 🙂


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