Kpop comebacks in February

I want to share some comebacks from February 🙂  Though I might be a little late with this post, it is never too late to discover new song! 😉 Since the post is (probably) going to be long, I will only leave some short comments under the videos. Mostly what I think about the comeback, so there will not be any analyzing of the lyrics nor the MV (not that I am that good with it to begin with xD) So without further ado:


  • The song is catchy and I like the rap verse.
  • I like that the girls are wearing different color heels, and different color shirt at the end. Really representing their group name, as well as bringing me some summer feeling 😀
  • Compared to their previous comeback, which I like(ed), I think this comeback do them more justice. I really like how they harmonize, when singing “rainbow”.
  • I read at the comment section that the girls might disband. While it is too late for them to win on music shows, since they are finish promoting the song, it is never too late to buy their album! Please support the girls if you like their song!


Crosswalk-Jo Kwon

  • A nice ballad!
  • His voice is so soft and you can hear all the emotion he puts in singing this song.
  • Super props to JYP for actually subbing their own MV! As an international fan who do not know Korean, this is a huge help!
  • I really like the MV. Specially when it splits in two. On the left side you have Suho who regrets his decision and runs back to the girl. While on the right side, he keeps walking. While I was cheering on the left side, it turns out that the right side is how it in the end goes. Which reflect the lyrics. I also really like that they focus on the crosswalk in the MV.


Cook for love- K.will, Junggigo, Jooyoung, Brother Su

  • Yes, you can cook for me!!
  • Such a cute and lovely song and MV! And of course it came out on Valentines day. The artists wanted to celebrate “the most romantic day of the year”…. Yeah, just rubb it in on our single people T^T


Overcome- Nu’est

  • This song is so much better than I expected!! Did not expect that beat!
  • I am dying of the description in the description box: “They have upgraded their looks to perfection, like they popped right out of an anime”. Indeed they are all ikemen. However, specially Ren looks like a guy right from anime, with his long hair. Being honest, I was actually a little disappointed with Ren having long hair. He totally manages to pull it off, just wanted to see him in more comebacks with short hair. And if they wanted to give him a wig/hair extension, they could have given him one(s) that did not look so fake and stiff e.e
  • Minhyun have gotten thinner! I almost did not recognize that it was him. I almost thought he was Donghyun  from Boyfriend, specially when doing the same pose at 1.24 xD He looks hella good tho! I was a little septic about his white hair, but in the end, it suits him! ^^
  • Is it me or Has Ren and Minhyun gotten more lines? While Aron seems to be neglected?! He had so little screen time! And where the heck is his rap part? ૮( ᵒ̌▱๋ᵒ̌ )ა While I also like that he can sing, is it not rap (alongside JR) that is his potion in the group?(≧д≦ヾ)
  • I really like JR’s rap alongside Baekho’s notes.
  • When it comes to the dance, some moves give me VIXX vibes. I am a little unsure about one or two moves, but nonetheless they pull it off with lots of energy! 🙂


Press your number & Drip drop- Taemin

  • Both of the songs got parts I like and other parts I am a little unsure of
  • His dancing is as good as ever!
  • I like the outfits and hairstyle in “Drip drop”better
  • Both the MV is very aesthetic
  • I like that the background dancers have different ethnicity


Please come back- Kixs

  • That opening with the high notes! Did not expect that!! O.O
  • A nice, not too slow song 🙂
  • Pretty setting and props
  • Plus for switching between the story, seeing the singer only sing and dance.


You’re the best- Mamamoo

  • Damn those vocals!!(*゚ロ゚)
  • Really catchy song that shows off their strong vocals! 😀
  • Their outfits are nice and has a summer vibe. I like that they keep it classy and do not show too much skin.

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