Manga review: Crazy for you

Crazy for You

Author (story and art): Karuho Shiina
Genres: Drama, romance, school and shoujo
Volumes and chapters: 6 volumes and 23 chapters (It says 24 chapters on, but I have only seen and read 23 chapters)

Synopsis: Our protagonist Sachi Takamura has never had a crush, nerveless a boyfriend. Will this change when she goes to a gokon?

Honestly, I started reading this manga with no to little expectations. I came over it, thought the art style looked quit nice, read the summary and though “this seems okey” and started reading it. While the story is quite simple and the characters are not out of the ordinary, what makes “Crazy for you” stand out from other manga, is how good it describes being in love and how love triangle can be.

Characters: While our main protagonist, Sachi, is a little bit cliche, particularly in crying a lot. She is not dense or clumsy (if I am not remembering wrong)! She can think for herself, and I think she really is a strong character! Sachi is able to analyse the situation/problem, and take the right decision, regardless of it being painful.

The manga also have three other important characters. They are all very human, scoring a star in the book. They mess up (like everyone else in the world) and their choices hurt people they love, however, they repent.

Story: Not wanting to spoil the whole story, for again it is not that complicated, it is simply about a little friendship and mostly love. The author does in my opinion an amazing job in depicting how falling in love can be, and how it always might not go as smooth as you want.

 Overall impression: While this review is not that long, and I might not have been able to convey how good this manga actually is, I really hope that you start to read this manga. The art style is nice, the characters is very human (with flaws), making it very easy for readers to identify themselves with the different characters and/or situation (if you have ever been in love/been in a relationship). I had a blast and felt som feels on the way. It is an really good manga that you simply just have to read!

Spoiler thoughts:
– I was a little skeptical to Yuki and Akemi having a past. I thought I would go down the cliche roads. However, they author did such a good job in showing how they both were holding on to the past, and trying to start a relationship from there.
-I, myself experienced something similar not too long ago and I could identify with Yuki and Akemi so much. Nonetheless,  I am glad they got together and could end that chapter.
– While reading this manga, I was constantly going back and forth between who Sachi should end up with. I think I honestly would have been contempt with either who she ended up with. But I am glad she ended up with Yuki in the end, though the reason she liked him that much might have been a little too thin.


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