Short movie recomandation: Aki no Kanade

Aki no Kanade

Aki no Kanade is a 25 min long movie (included credits at the end). Without revealing too much, the short movie is basically about Aki Miyagawa and her passion for taiko drumming.

 While the cover and the summery you might have/can read at other places might give you an impression that this movie is sad, do not be fooled at all. The movie is very uplifting and actually very bright! 

The pace in the movie is perfect, not to mention the switching between the flashbacks and the present is very well done. The animation is also very clean and nice, I especially like how the eyes are animated.

Overall: This short movie is worth the 25 min of your time! It is not sad (at least not in the whole picture), the animation is great and story is quit motivating! 🙂

Just some personal comments on the anime (may contain spoilers):
– I am glad she managed to get her friends into taiko drumming as well. I have to admit I thought they would quit half way, but it was very nice that they also got interested in it. I got so happy when they showed up at the end, and that they all performed, even the teacher! 😀
– It is a little shame that we did not actually get to see her as a sensei teaching others how to taiko drum, even though the synopsis (on various websites) says that..
– We all want the movie to be longer, so we can see Aki and Nato as a couple! :3 I felt so bad for Nato when he tried to give her his second button, but she did not understand it TOT But boy did he grow up sooooo fine? :3



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