The day I died because of three kpop comebacks!

It has been about an hour and three music videos have been released! One by my all time favorite group BTS and the talented VIXX!!

BTS just released their MV for “Young forever”. This is one of the three MVs they are going to release!  ONE OUT OF THREE!! I can not wait! The only sad part is that “Young Forever” will be the last in the “HwaYangYeonHwa” trilogy. Even though I am super happy for this comeback, I really hope our boys have gotten enough rest and that they will not overwork their bodies for this comeback!


After watching this comeback, I honestly felt like crying. Even though I have not officially been an Army that long (I got to know them during their “Danger” and “Dope” comeback, and they officially stole my heart in “Run”) it feels sad that they are ending this trilogy. The MV video is quite simple, but very well done! They all look so good, and the scenes just overlap so well! However, the different (small) scenes from their previous comeback “I need U” and “Run” makes it all so sentimental T^T
The last thing I need to comment on is V’s “we are young”, it pierces right through my kokoro!  It is just something about the way he sings it with his husky voice that just melts my hearts. Nevertheless, everyone nailed their part!


VIXX released their tittle track, “Dynamite”, for their 5th Single Album Zelos

They all look so good, specially N! Dem lenses! *w*
The song is not my type of jam, but the the dynamite part is catchy and reminds me of some dance songs back in the days 😛
But Starlights, can we take a moment to appreciate their hip move at the beginning?


The last Mv is by Lee Hi:


She looks absolutely gorgeous! She also fits this type of song! 🙂



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