“Angel” by 베리굿 (Berry Good)

Berry Good is a five-members girl group that debuted in 2014. In 2015 the group had a member shift as three left and got replaced by three new members. Turns out that this comeback is actually crowdfunded. The goal was to raise ₩10 million, and it was reached in ten days! :O Their mini-album is called “Very Berry” and the title track is of course “Angel”.      Source

“The title track “Angel” has a spunky, dance pop sound highlighting the group’s bright, youthful vocals”. Source
Check it down below! 🙂


I am so impressed by this comeback! O.o  This is my first song by Berry Good, and I am utterly blown away!  I already liked the song when I first heard the string instruments.
I really thought the song was going to be slow like in the beginning, but when the beat started, I knew this would be my new jam! 😀 :3 While I do not really like those “uohohoho” beat in the chorus, I do like the chorus itself. I am very impressed by those high notes one after another, and how dramatic the last 30 seconds is! 😀

The MV is nothing out of the ordinary, has your typical girl/members in a room setting and then they are outdoor in the nature. They were nevertheless neat, fresh and pretty. While I am a little disappointed that the girl right at the beginning of the MV is not a member of the group, because that would have made more sense (too me at least). It is also a little pity that none of the girls had short hair. While all the girls is pretty (just as you expected from a Korean girl group), the clothing could have been better. Though I like the summer vibe they give off 🙂

To conclude: a very catchy and impressive comeback, with impressive high notes at the end! 😀 The MV itself is clean but with your typical girl group setting. The mini album, “Very Berry”, was also crowdfunded! :O
So what is your thoughts about this comeback? 🙂


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